Cat Breeds

exotic cat breeds
All About Exotic Cat Breeds

All About Exotic Cat Breeds While you may love the majestic beauty of the lion, the tiger and the cheetah, you would never have them as pets. These...

PetPlace Staff 26 Jul 2018
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legal exotic cats
What You Need to Know About Legal Exotic Cats

The smaller sized exotic cats that are sometimes kept as pets in the United States are not animals that would tend to prey on humans. These legal e...

PetPlace Staff 26 Jul 2018
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exotic shorthair cats
Check Out These Exotic Shorthair Cats

Garfield, the lasagna-loving cartoon cat was said to be inspired by an exotic shorthair cat. Exotic shorthair cats, also known as exotics, are the ...

PetPlace Staff 26 Jul 2018
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Dog Breeds

how to groom a collie
How to Groom a Collie

Are you wondering how to groom a Collie? Well, they need a lot less grooming than you might think. Overall, the Collie is a clean dog with minimal ...

PetPlace Staff 23 Oct 2019
collie temperament
Collie Temperament: What to Expect

What do you know about the Collie temperament? This information will help you better understand the breed and to make an informed decision if you a...

PetPlace Staff 23 Oct 2019
collie agility training
Collie Agility Training: How to Train a Do...

Collie agility training is a fun sport for both the Collie and the owner. During an agility trial, the dog demonstrates its agile nature and versat...

PetPlace Staff 23 Oct 2019

Small Pet Breeds

Choosing a Maximilian’s Pionus

Maximilian’s pionus make good pets but are not often available and are not popular due to their relatively drab coloration. They typically do...

PetPlace Staff 24 Oct 2017
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Finding Your Own ‘Dory’ — What You Need to...

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Disney•Pixar movie? For years, these movies have been redefining animation, bringing amazing visuals and eng...

PetPlace Staff 20 Jul 2016
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Unusual Pets – Tarantulas

In the opening scenes of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Harrison Ford deftly swept a “deadly” tarantula from his shoulder. In r...

Alex Lieber 28 Sep 2015
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