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Best Christmas Themed Cat Names

Christmas is a time for coming together with good friends and family. And for most, that includes furry family members as well. Around the holidays...

Dr. Debra Primovic - DVM 20 Nov 2017
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Choosing a Russian Blue

The Russian Blue, also known as the Archangel Cat, is a gentle, courteous cat that wears a perpetual Mona Lisa smile. This breed is a growing favor...

J. Anne Helgren 13 Nov 2017
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black cat laying down
Black Cat Appreciation

Every year around Halloween people suddenly decide that getting a getting a black cat is a good idea. But what about the rest of the year? Why do w...

PetPlace Staff 3 Nov 2017
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Dog Breeds

These Hypoallergenic Dog Mixes Could Keep ...

Designer dogs or hybrid dogs are becoming more and more popular. If you are an allergy sufferer, consider these hypoallergenic dog mixes. They have...

Tim O'Hare 1 May 2018
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Try These Medium Size Hypoallergenic Dogs

Hypoallergenic dogs are a good choice for people with pet allergies. They shed very little, which means there is less dander in the house to stir u...

PetPlace Staff 30 Apr 2018
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Got Allergies? Here Are Small Hypoallergen...

If you’ve got pet allergies but you still want to own a dog, you should look for a breed that does not shed or one that sheds very little. Dander g...

Tim O'Hare 29 Apr 2018
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Small Pet Breeds

Choosing a Maximilian’s Pionus

Maximilian’s pionus make good pets but are not often available and are not popular due to their relatively drab coloration. They typically do...

PetPlace Staff 24 Oct 2017
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Finding Your Own ‘Dory’ — What You Need to...

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Disney•Pixar movie? For years, these movies have been redefining animation, bringing amazing visuals and eng...

PetPlace Staff 20 Jul 2016
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Unusual Pets – Tarantulas

In the opening scenes of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Harrison Ford deftly swept a “deadly” tarantula from his shoulder. In r...

Alex Lieber 28 Sep 2015
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