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Cat Behavior & Training

Understanding “Cat Talk” – Wha...

Does your cat make a variety of noises? Many cats will have a variety of vocal sounds to communicate different needs and meanings. Here are some co...

admin 30 Oct 2017
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How to Convert Your Reclusive Cat to a Cud...

We should start out by tempering expectations. Not all cats can be converted into a cuddly lap kittens. It would be difficult, if not impossible, f...

admin 28 Oct 2017
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Cat on floor
Dealing With Noise Phobias During the Holiday

Holiday celebrations are one of the great elements of the holiday season. Whether it’s a family get together, an office party and a group of friend...

admin 25 Oct 2017
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Dog Behavior & Training

A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility

Looking for a sport that both you and your dog can enjoy? There’s a number of activities that owners and dogs can share and participate in together...

admin 9 Feb 2018
How To Give Your Hunting Dog the Best Star...

Puppies come to us as innocent, clean slates. It’s our job to mold them into the dog we wish them to become. This especially holds true for hunting...

admin 20 Jan 2018
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How to Stop Your Puppy From Humping

Humping is one of those habits that can put any owner’s nerves on edge. Most view this activity as a sexual act, but in all actuality, it can be us...

admin 17 Jan 2018
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Small Pet Behavior & Training

pet bird
Will My Bird Lay Eggs?

We all know that birds lay eggs. We just don’t always realize that our pet birds may do the same thing. It can be a shock to find an egg lying in y...

admin 28 Sep 2017
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Leg Bands: More Than Just Accessories

If you do an online search for “leg bands for birds,” you’ll find a variety of bands available in different colors and materia...

PetPlace Staff - Staff at PetPlace 23 Aug 2017
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Do Fish Sleep?

Everyone needs sleep. Every night average people perform a sleep ritual: We change into pajamas, crawl into our soft comfy beds, close our eyes and...

Virginia Wells 16 Aug 2017
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