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Cat Behavior & Training

ragdoll personality
All About the Ragdoll Personality

The Ragdoll cat is big and affectionate. The Ragdoll is among the largest of the domestic cats. The Ragdoll cat matures slowly. This breed does not...

PetPlace Staff 27 Nov 2018
calico personality
All About the Calico Personality

Calico is not a breed of cat. The word “Calico” actually refers to the cat’s coat coloring. Calico cats have patches of three different colors in t...

PetPlace Staff 27 Nov 2018
russian blue personality
All About the Russian Blue Personality

The Russian Blue has a luxurious silver-blue coat, vibrant green eyes, and long legs and body. This robust medium-sized breed is long, slender, mus...

PetPlace Staff 27 Nov 2018

Dog Behavior & Training

what is dog digging repellent
What Is Dog Digging Repellent?

If you have a dog that digs, you may have asked yourself, “What is dog digging repellent?” A dog digging repellent is a product that is designed to...

PetPlace Staff 22 Oct 2018
why do dogs dig holes
Why Do Dogs Dig Holes?

Why do dogs dig holes? The most common reason for digging is boredom. Many dog owners underestimate the amount of exercise and activity a dog needs...

PetPlace Staff 22 Oct 2018
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how to stop a dog digging under fence
How to Stop a Dog from Digging Under a Fence

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to stop a dog from digging under a fence. Even a well-trained dog can exhibit this problematic b...

PetPlace Staff 22 Oct 2018

Small Pet Behavior & Training

pet bird
Will My Bird Lay Eggs?

We all know that birds lay eggs. We just don’t always realize that our pet birds may do the same thing. It can be a shock to find an egg lying in y...

PetPlace Staff 28 Sep 2017
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Leg Bands: More Than Just Accessories

If you do an online search for “leg bands for birds,” you’ll find a variety of bands available in different colors and materia...

PetPlace Staff 23 Aug 2017
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Do Fish Sleep?

Everyone needs sleep. Every night average people perform a sleep ritual: We change into pajamas, crawl into our soft comfy beds, close our eyes and...

Virginia Wells 16 Aug 2017
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