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Cat Care

spring cleaning tips for cat lovers
Spring Cleaning Tips for Cat Lovers for a ...

Spring is a popular season and for good reason: the weather is warming up, the green is starting to reappear outside, and people and pets alike can...

Dr. Debra Primovic - DVM 24 Apr 2019
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cat colonies
What Are Cat Colonies?

Feral cats prefer to live their lives without any direct interaction with humans. Feral cats will avoid direct human contact. They may live anywher...

PetPlace Staff 6 Mar 2019
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winter cat shelter
How to Build a Winter Cat Shelter

Community cats or feral cats are well-suited to outdoor living, and they can survive winter on their own. But there are some things that you can do...

PetPlace Staff 6 Mar 2019
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Dog Care

pet water safety
Pet Water Safety Tips for an Enjoyable Summer

When the warmer months come rolling around, many of us want to enjoy some quality time with friends and family near the water. While this a great w...

PetPlace Staff 17 Jun 2019
raw dog food warning
What You Need to Know About the Recent Raw...

A number of reports, recalls, and warnings have been issued over the course of 2019 regarding feeding pets raw food. Recently, a couple of raw dog ...

Dr. Debra Primovic - DVM 24 Apr 2019
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Keep the Allergies Out With These Spring D...

Spring is here, and the inevitable cleaning is well underway in many households nationwide. Part of that is spring dog cleaning — a chance for you ...

Dr. Debra Primovic - DVM 24 Apr 2019

Small Pet Care

pet snake
Are You Ready for a Pet Snake?

The winter holidays are just around the corner! Has your son or daughter started subtly, or not so subtly, hinting that they would like a pet for t...

PetPlace Staff 4 Nov 2017
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Father’s Day Dilemma: When Males Give Birth

Ever wonder how the world might be different if men gave birth? Taking a peek at the lifestyle of a seahorse may give you an idea – the male seahor...

PetPlace Staff 27 Oct 2017
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What To Do With Office Fish During the Hol...

There are few feelings quite as satisfying as leaving the office the day that your holiday vacation begins. As the door to your office shuts behind...

PetPlace Staff 26 Oct 2017
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