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Cat Care

cat marking in the house
Is a Cat Marking in the House the Same as ...

When you have a cat marking in the house, it is a frustrating problem. In fact, this is the number one reason that cats are surrendered to shelters...

PetPlace Staff 24 May 2018
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female cat spraying
How to Make Your Female Cat Stop Spraying

Unlike urinating outside the litter box, spraying is when urine is sprayed on vertical surfaces, like walls, doors, and furniture. While most cat l...

PetPlace Staff 23 May 2018
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neutered cat spraying
Why Is My Neutered Cat Spraying?

Neutered cat spraying is a big problem for cat lovers. You may have neutered your cat with the expectation that it would stop him from spraying onl...

PetPlace Staff 22 May 2018
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Dog Care

how do dog dna tests work
How Do Dog DNA Tests Work?

Dog DNA tests are becoming more popular among dog lovers. Not only will they provide you with information about your dog’s true heritage, they can ...

PetPlace Staff 19 Jun 2018
dog genetic testing
What Does Dog Genetic Testing Tell Us?

If you’ve ever owned a mixed breed dog, you’ve probably wondered what type of dog you really have. In the past, there was no way to know for sure. ...

PetPlace Staff 19 Jun 2018
how much is a dna test for a dog
How Much Is a DNA Test for a Dog?

A dog DNA test can help you to determine your dog’s heritage. It can also help you to find out about possible illnesses in your dog’s genes before ...

PetPlace Staff 19 Jun 2018

Small Pet Care

pet snake
Are You Ready for a Pet Snake?

The winter holidays are just around the corner! Has your son or daughter started subtly, or not so subtly, hinting that they would like a pet for t...

PetPlace Staff 4 Nov 2017
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Father’s Day Dilemma: When Males Give Birth

Ever wonder how the world might be different if men gave birth? Taking a peek at the lifestyle of a seahorse may give you an idea – the male seahor...

PetPlace Staff 27 Oct 2017
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What To Do With Office Fish During the Hol...

There are few feelings quite as satisfying as leaving the office the day that your holiday vacation begins. As the door to your office shuts behind...

PetPlace Staff 26 Oct 2017
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