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The Plague and Cats

Remember the bubonic plague? Fortunately, you weren’t around to witness it personally, but it has been well documented in history books. Some histo...

admin 28 Sep 2017
A Brief History of Cats

Humans have a deep and cherished relationship with our feline friends. But did you realize that this relationship may have begun in ancient times? ...

PetPlace Staff - Staff at PetPlace 30 Aug 2017
blue-flame 1,203 Views
Cats and Grass: A Love Affair

Many cat owners think, “My cat eats grass. Is that OK?” If you’ve witnessed your cat noshing on an outdoor salad, you might ha...

PetPlace Staff - Staff at PetPlace 30 Aug 2017

Dog Health

The Dos and Don’t of OTC Meds For Dogs

Have you ever been tempted to give your pet some of your over the counter meds from your medicine to cure their common illnesses? Telling which med...

admin 16 Oct 2017
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Understanding Your Dog’s Runny Nose

Have you ever wondered, “Is my dog sick?” Although you get cranky when you have a cold and lose your sense of smell, imagine what that might be lik...

admin 28 Sep 2017
The Irreverent Vet | Dog Flu

The canine influenza virus is on the rise. The simpler term for this illness is one with which you might be familiar: dog flu. You didn’t know that...

Julia 28 Sep 2017

Small Pet Health

When Your Fish Can’t Swim

Does your pet fish have trouble swimming? If your fish floats on the surface or has a difficult time rising from the bottom, he has a buoyancy prob...

admin 29 Sep 2017
blue-flame 2,476 Views
My Fish Gave Birth! Now What?

If you have an aquarium, you might have to deal with newly hatched fish at some point. That’s right—you might be caught off guard whe...

PetPlace Staff - Staff at PetPlace 13 Jul 2017
Turtles and Salmonella: Separating Fact fr...

We're getting blunt and honest about turtles and salmonella. When you were a child, you may have asked if you could get a pet turtle only to b...

PetPlace Staff - Staff at PetPlace 28 Jun 2017