A small Scottish Fold cat lounging on the couch.

The Best Cat Breeds for Small Spaces

While cats don’t typically need quite as much exercise or stimulation as their canine counterparts, some curious kitties require plenty of space to explore. If you’re hoping to adopt a cat while living in an apartment or particularly small house, certain breeds of cats may make a better fit than others. All cats need some sensory stimulation to remain happy and social, but these breeds are considered low-maintenance and tend to feel comfortable in smaller living spaces.


The Persian’s luxurious fur is perfectly suited to a breed that enjoys relaxing in the lap of luxury. While many breeds are positively crazy about jumping, climbing, and playing, Persians are far more likely to spend their day lazing around the house. If you’re short on space, a Persian could be your ideal feline companion.


If you’re prepared to offer near-constant love and affection (or you’ve got a pet who can offer it in your stead), you won’t need much space to create the ideal home for cuddly Burmese. They’re as athletic as they are affectionate, so try to offer exploration opportunities where you can.

Scottish Fold

Adorable Scottish Folds can adapt to living spaces of any size, even small apartments. When you’re at home, these quiet cats can provide hours of cuddles and, while you’re away, a puzzle toy is often sufficient to keep them engaged.

Russian Blue

Russian Blues are quiet, reserved, and offer affection readily without clinging to their owners’ sides. They’re an ideal choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet to lounge with on the couch.


Exotic cats look a lot like short-haired Persians and the two breeds share more than just facial features. Like Persians, Exotics are calm and cuddly, generally preferring relaxation to intense exercise.

British Shorthair

Known for their sedate and carefree attitudes, British Shorthairs make for a low-key addition to an apartment or small house. Make sure to offer plenty of toys and whatever exploration opportunities you can to help manage your cat’s occasional bursts of energy and activity.


This mellow, eye-catching breed got its name from its tendency to go limp in a caretaker’s arms. That habit should give you a sense of just how much Ragdoll cats love relaxing. Keep in mind that Ragdolls love affection and are known to occasionally follow owners from room to room.


These calm, affectionate felines don’t need much more than consistent attention from their people to remain content. If you’re looking for a cuddle companion, look no further than the Birman.

American Shorthair

The easygoing American Shorthair is a pet that loves spending time with their pet parents. If you’ll be around to socialize with them, there’s typically no need to worry about offering much in the way of room to roam.

Maine Coon

Don’t let the Maine Coon’s size scare you away from adopting them. Though the breed is affectionately called the “gentle giant” and can weigh well over 15 pounds, they don’t require much space to stay content. They’re social creatures too, meaning they’re a great match for families that already include pets.

Welcoming Your New Cat Home

Whether you’re introducing a new cat to a tiny apartment or a sprawling estate, you’ll need to prepare for their arrival and work alongside them to ensure they adjust to their surroundings. Check our guide to welcoming home a pet cat.