Maine Coon Feedback – Are they Clumsy?

Maine Coon Feedback – Are they Clumsy?

Our question this week was:

I just read your story about the Maine Coon. There is one other very distinctive trait regarding Maine Coons you are missing. That is that they do not have good judgment for distance and are very clumsy. The often miss their mark when they jump or they change their mind in the middle of jumping and just fall back down. It's very comical to see and people who own them often times think something is wrong with their cat. You must include this or research it and write another article regarding this.


Hi – thanks for your email. Interesting but I've never read that before. I have experienced Maine Coons being more clumsy and less agile than other cats but never really consciously thought about it.

I'm not familiar with any neurologic deficit that causes a problem.

Any Maine Coon owners out there have a comment about this? share your comment


Dr. Debra

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