Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

We recently asked our Petplace.com cat lovers if they have “pet names” for their cat. In our survey of 4,300 cat lovers, 91.7% had “pet names” for their cats!

Several cat lovers emailed us their stories. These were some of our favorite stories!

How Maxine got her nickname

Originally my 14 year old (soon to be 15) tortie point Himalayan was named after a dear departed friend–Maxine. It just seemed right all those years ago when one friend departed my life and another was entering. That would be “Maxine.” Little did I know that Himalayans are related to the Siamese breeds that are great jumpers but also known to “talk.” Well, Maxine loves attention and it wasn’t long after kitten hood that she started her loud, long meowing. Alarmed, I would take her to the vet for check-ups thinking something was wrong. Well, nothing. She was and is perfectly healthy. She loves to “SCREAM” for attention and just in general. She can be perfectly quiet and I’ll ask her a question and she “screams” back with a long line of drawn out meows of varying loudness. I just wish I knew what she was saying! It might be interesting, after all. Anyway, over the years she has become known as “MaxScream” instead of her original name of Maxine. When you interrupt her, she stops abruptly and looks at you with her googley eyes (yes, she has that problem too) as if to say, “how rude, I was talking!” Then she continues and that’s my MaxScream.

Gayle Rockelli – Hyattsville, Maryland


My two gorgeous sphynx boys were given super posh names even before they arrived from the breeder to their new home with us; one was given Mr. BLING BLING. The second young man was named MR DIAMOND DAZZLE. Perfect for a puskieS who were destined to be spoiled.
Ah well this lasted for a very short time my family twisting their tongues around these lengthy titles, until my eldest daughter Shellie came up with the idea that Mr. diamond dazzle looked very much like David Caruso from C S I and of course he then was nicknamed David. For Mr. Bling Bling who is so perfect and fine with a remarkable face he was re named ALIEN , because he looks like the epitome of an alien drawn caricature Ok these pet names are so much easier to handle and we feel the cats are far more comfortable with a less burdensome title.
Keep up the great work with such an informative and often very entertaining site.

Regards Janice McGuirke (England)

Brownie the Monkey Cat

My cat is a champagne Burmese and his name is Brownie because he’s sweet and has a dark brown face and extremities. He’s very active and loves heights, so he’s always jumping from one place to another. Therefore, my pet name for him is Monkey and he responds to it.

Grace Lloret-New York

From Rumor to Reme

My granddaughter, who was just starting to talk at the time and loves cats as much as her nana does when I brought home a new kitten, she wanted to know what his name was. I told her his name was Rumor, but no matter how hard she tried she could not get the name out like her nana but could get out Reme – so our Rumor became Reme and to this dayis still her Reme.

Kathy Cordes – Eagle Lake, Florida