Choosing a Chantilly/Tiffany

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Grooming a Chantilly/Tiffany

The breed’s semi-long fur lacks the dense, easily matted downy undercoat, so chantilly/tiffanies don’t need as much grooming as some longhaired breeds. A good combing twice a week, with special attention paid to the longer fur on the ruff and hindquarters, is enough. The ears need regular cleaning with a cotton ball and warm water, however, since they’re inclined to accumulate wax.

Association Acceptance

  • American Association of Cat Enthusiasts (AACE) in the New Breed and Color class under the name “chantilly”
  • American Cat Fancier’s Association (ACFA) in the New Breed and Color class under the name “chantilly”
  • The International Cat Association (TICA) for registration under the name “tiffany”
  • Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (TCA) for championship under the name “chantilly/tiffany”
  • United Feline Organization (UFO) for championship under the name “chantilly/tiffany”
  • Special Notes

    The chantilly/tiffany should not be confused with the tiffanie, a breed recognized by Britain’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). A striking cat with a silky semi-long coat and a Burmese body and head type, the tiffanie and his shorthaired counterpart the Burmilla was created in 1981 in London by a mating between a lilac Burmese female and a silver chinchilla Persian male. The tiffanie is not related to North America’s chantilly/tiffany.


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