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Grooming a Nebelung

Even with the double layered coat, the fur resists matting and doesn’t require the amount of grooming some longhairs do. Still, Nebelungs do require a certain amount of care to look their best. Figure combing twice or three times a week with a good quality steel comb, and every other day during the seasonal shedding periods. The Nebelung generally goes through two yearly sheddings – once in the fall when they shed their summer coat and once in the spring when they shed their winter coat. Seasonal variations in coat length are common in this breed.

Nebelungs are still quite rare and can be hard to obtain. In the United States, breeders can be found in Washington State, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and Mississippi. Check out the Fanciers Breeder Referral List at for a list of breeders, or check with the cat associations that accept the breed, such as TICA (

Association Acceptance

The Nebelung is accepted for championship by:

  • The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (TCA)
  • The International Cat Association (TICA)

    In the non-championship experimental class by:

  • Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF)

    For registration only by:

  • American Cat Fancier’s Association (ACFA)
  • Special Notes

    In order to keep the gene pool healthy and to keep the Russian blue body type, breeders use Russian blues in their breeding programs. This results in a number of shorthaired Nebelungs, which closely resemble Russian blues. Since such kittens cannot be registered or shown as either Russian blues or Nebelungs, they are easier and less expensive to obtain, and still possess the Nebelung’s sweet personality traits.


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