Choosing an Egyptian Mau

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Egyptian Mau Cat’s Personality

While you might first be attracted to the mau’s beautiful spotted coat, you will likely become addicted to the breed’s temperament and personality. Known for their intelligence, high activity level, and loving devotion, maus make great companions.

Like their alleged ancestors who tagged along on bird hunts with their Egyptian worshipers, maus love to stalk, be it catnip mice, rubber balls, or wiggling fingers. In fact, they adore all mock hunting games, particularly fetch. Toss a catnip mouse and your mau will run it down and trot it back to you, toy firmly gripped in powerful jaws and eyes gleaming with predatory triumph, for repeated throwing. If allowed outside they become adept hunters, so for the sake of the local wildlife and your mau’s health and safety, keep her inside. Maus are also fascinated by water – they love to dabble their toes and drink from the faucet, and some even enjoy splashing around like a dog.

Maus are fiercely faithful, too, and become completely devoted to the humans who pay them homage. They generally don’t talk to strangers, but with their chosen humans they are loving and loyal companions who want to be at your side and involved in every aspect of your life.

While not overly talkative, maus will let their owners know if something is amiss, particularly an empty food dish. When engaged in conversation with their human companions, maus wag their tails, tread with their feet, and make a variety of sounds called “chortling.”

Grooming an Egyptian Mau

The mau’s short fur lacks the downy undercoat that would call for more regular grooming, so minimal grooming is needed for this breed. However, maus generally enjoy being brushed. Twice a month brushing and claw clipping is about right.

Association Acceptance

  • American Association of Cat Enthusiasts (AACE)
  • American Cat Association (ACA)
  • American Cat Fancier’s Association (ACFA)
  • Canadian Cat Association (CCA)
  • Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA)
  • Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF)
  • The International Cat Association (TICA)
  • United Feline Organization (UFO)
  • Special Notes

    If you are on a limited budget, consider a solid black mau. These are less expensive because they cannot be exhibited. Black maus do have spots, but the dark spots are difficult to see against the black background. Nevertheless, these maus have the classic mau body type and personality and make great pets.


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