Ancient Egyptians: the First Cat Lovers



While cats may still be highly revered by some, with time, their god-like glow faded until they became our loving companions. While humans may not worship cats as frequently today as they did back in ancient Egypt, they are still celebrated as wonderful family members by many.


Egyptians weren’t the only ones to have cats play central roles in their mythology. The Norwegian Forest Cat held impressive titles in Norse Mythology, the Siamese played vital roles in Thailand temples similar to that or their Egyptian cousins, Burma is brimming with stories of the Birman cat, and the list goes on and on. But that’s a story for another day.  

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Thank you for coming along with us as we explored the history of cats in ancient Egypt. It’s always fascinating to look back and see what role our pets played in history. For more fun stories like this, make sure you check out our just for fun articles. Until next time!


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