Does a Kitten Make a Good Gift?


Hopefully, you’re picking up on our pattern here. While it can be tempting to go big and surprise your loved one with a kitten with a get big bow wrapped around its neck for Valentine’s Day Land and the Tramp style, it’s just not all that practical. Get creative and find a fun way to share the news of your new kitten with your loved one. This way, you’ll both feel prepared when the time comes to bring home your new furry family member. Plus, you’ll both get to participate in the act of picking out your kitten and bringing it home.

Once you get your new kitten home, they’ll be lots to do. From litter box training to their first vet appointment, a kitten’s early life is jammed packed with important milestones. Now that you know a percent of the what it will be like to bring home a new kitten we hope that you feel more prepared to welcome this new addition to your family. Keep up with all things kitten at PetPlace.


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