Capturing and Restraining in Cats

Capturing a roaming injured cat can be difficult. Though injured, some can still run quite fast. Unfortunately, some cats will run away and not be found. If you notice a collar, especially if there is a tag, remember to keep this with the animal. If the collar is broken and the animal is being transported to another location, take the collar and tag so someone can contact the owner.

For those cats that try to get away from you but stay nearby, here are some suggestions on how to catch them and offer care:

Scruffing Restraint

The skin at the back of the neck is called the scruff. This is a good way to restrain cats. As kittens, the mother would use the scruff to hold the kitten to comfort or discipline. Cats seem to remember this and usually do not object to scruffing.

Lying on Side Restraint

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