Easy DIY Cat Halloween Costumes

Halloween can be a fun time for both people and pets! And while you may not be able to take them out trick or treating with you, there’s no reason that your cat can’t get in on the action! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite DIY Cat Halloween Costumes and we hope that you like them. But before we move on to the costumes we thought we’d share some tips that will help you plan your DIY cat costume.

Costume Tips For Cats

Our Top Four Favorite DIY Halloween Cat Costumes

Source: thechive.com

The TY Cat

Beanie Babies were a hit toy of the 90s, and you can recreate this look easily. Simply use construction paper to cut out the shape of two conjoined hearts. Fold the heart where they connect to create the tag. Cut the letters “TY” out of white construction paper and attach it to the hearts with glue. Add your cat’s name inside for an extra special detail. Either fold the hearts over your cat’s collar or use a hole punch to create a few holes that will allow you to slip the tag onto your pet’s collar.

Source: thechive.com

Pet-safe Paint Pets

For cats that want to join in but really don’t care for constricting costumes, consider non-toxic, pet safe paint. You can use these paints to color your cat, make him spotted or striped, or anything else you can think of. He still is in costume and can join in the festivities without being uncomfortable. The hard part with this choice is that you will have to wash the paint off. A damp rag should do the trick, but we all know how hard it is to hold a cat still when water is involved. Proceed at your own risk.

Source: thechive.com

Ariel the Purrrmiad

To make the tail for your furry mermaid, or purrrmaid, you’ll need some light green felt; a dark green felt maker, and elastic. Cut out the shape of her tail as well as additional scales. Hot glue the scales onto the tail. Next, use a dark green felt marker to give your tail some definition. Lastly, wrap your tail around your cat’s torso and then measure the distance from side to side to determine the length of the elastic you need to secure the tail to your cat. Cut the required length and then hot glue the elastic beneath the top corners of the tail.

To make the red wig, you’ll need red yarn, elastic, and a fake purple flower. Start by determining how long you want your wig to be. It needs to be short enough so that your cat won’t trip on it. Also, only dress your cat in wigs while you are around, to avoid choking or swallowing of the yarn. Pull out one piece of yarn that is your desired length for the entire wig, meaning that this section will be long enough to go from the bottom of the left side of your cat’s head to the bottom of the right side of your cat’s head. Once you have chosen your length double the yarn back on itself with a section of the same length. Like when you coil up your hose. Continue until you have reached your desired thickness. Cut the end of the yarn while maintaining a grasp on the middle of the bundle. Cut a small two-inch long section of yarn and wrap this around the middle section where your fingers are currently holding the wig together. Cut the ends of the layers of the yarn to give the wig a hair-like look. Finally, hot glue on your flower and measure your elastic using the same method you used when creating the tail.

Make Your Own DIY Halloween Costume For Your Cat

Are you planning on making a DIY Halloween costume for your cat this year? We want to see it! Share a picture with us below or share us a picture with us on social media. We’d love to see what creative costume you come up with. Happy Halloween!