Two cute cats sleeping together on a pink blanket.

10 Cute Cat Videos for National Cat Month

September is National Cat Month. Celebrate by watching these paw-some cat videos!

1. @blakeandsibs

This cat is very PURR-suasive!

2. @eric_and_ollie_

Working hard or researching how much cats rule?

3. @jean_le_chat

Snoop Dogg? More like Snoop Cat.

4. @go_home_loa

This is PAW-sibly the cutest cat cuddle video ever.

5. @thebeagleandthebun

Who said dogs and cats can’t be friends? These two are fur-really adorable!

6. @pazutaki

When you accidentally turn on face cam… but it’s fine because you’re cute!

7. @big_cat_on_campus

Wait a meow-ment; this cat just said “woo-hoo!”

8. @waffles_the_cat

Waffles has some claw-some dance moves.

9. @smoothiethecat

Smoothie the cat deserves a gold medal for this purr-formance.

10. @tootie_bunface

This kitty is feline good. #selfcare