A cute Siamese cat with a blue collar.

10 Siamese Cats to Follow on Instagram

Who loves to see cats on their Instagram feed? The answer is everybody.

Check out these meowtastic Siamese cat accounts!

1. @saltpeppersiamesetwins

You’re the Salt to my Pepper! These adorable twins are definitely worth following.

2. @ramby_and_gracie

Follow these two perfect Siamese cats, Ramby and Gracie, on their everyday adventures.

3. @cola_thecat

Cola’s big blue eyes will have you in awe. Follow to see more of this cutie.

4. @sia_josephine

You don’t want to miss out on this trio of cute rescue cats! Follow along to see the adventures Of Sia, Zuko & RP.

5. @iamlunathesiamese

Not only is Luna a Siamese cat, she’s also a fashion model! Check out Luna’s page to see her fantastic photographs.

6. @cyprusthesiamese

Cyprus is a Siamese who loves to dress up and explore the great outdoors.

7. @lefusadi

Felippo is a Blue Point Siamese Cat who is a pro at knocking things over. Follow to see more pawsome content.

8. @classic.cleo

Who doesn’t love a smiley cat? Follow Cleo for more happy and adventurous pics.

9. @tobie_isabella

Tobie is a Seal Point Siamese Kitten with a playful personality.

10. @steve.the.siamese

Two are better than one, especially when they’re a pair of beautiful Siamese cats. Go ahead and follow Steve and Poppi for a cuteness overload!