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100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

These are suggestions from out very loving cat owners on how to pamper and spoil a cat. We hope you enjoy and find some of these tips useful.

1. Bathing Wipes

Good morning kitty lovers, I have found a[ product called OUT. They are cat-bathing wipes that have allergen reducers in them. They have a calming chamomile fragrance in them that calms excited cats. We all know that cats don’t like water!!! You can warm them in your microwave for 10 seconds, prior to wiping your kitty down. The kitties don’t seem to mind them very much, and kitty smells wonderful after. Sold by OUTinternational inc.# 1-800-448-8552 if you want to call. An excellent litter liner that makes cleanup a breeze, called Kitties Rule sold at Petsmart stores. They are sturdy.

Barbara Hughes

2. A Big Comfy Chair

My cat, Precious, Is the princess of the house. She has a big comfy chair that is hers, in front of a window. Right outside is a tree with a bird bell. Needless to say she spends most of the day there. When the bell is gone, she actually comes to tell me it’s time for another one. All she is missing is her crown.

Barbara Lunch

3. Spoil Them with Love

My name is Jessica from Tulsa, OK and my cats absolutely LOVE it when I rub the inside of their ears and in between their toes. I like to rub all around the base where the wax sometimes builds up and their heads just fall back and they start purring and fall right to sleep. When I rub their toes they spread their little toes out and just rub in between. I love nothing more than to spoil my sweet kitties, because they spoil me back with love.

Jessica Haydock

4. Open Windows

My cats are indoor cats, so I open up a few of our windows (with screens of course) so that they can enjoy the fresh air. They love it. I have a kitty scratch post that somebody gave to me they enjoy it too. We give them catnip so they can get a little spunky from time to time. And last but not least they love the little furry mice that you can get at the pet store they think it’s real! They are sold individually in containers sometimes in packages. They truly are my babies especially my two black boys. The one thinks he is a lion and has a huge wide nose that I love to kiss. I don’t know what I would do with out them. I have and always will be an avid cat lover.

Renee Conaway

5. Their Own Water Glass

A tip for pampering my cat: I finally got tired of my cat using my water glass as a drinking fountain and snubbing her own water bowl, as fresh and clean as it may be… so I found two lager glasses, perfect kitty height (with no need to bend down) and with wide rims; and keep them filled with fresh water to the very brim. She loves the new arrangement.

Anna Rogers, owned by Sharkbait
Whitethorn, CA USA

6. How I Pamper My Cats

This is what I do….

Fresh water multiple times a day
Clean litter boxes
Keep indoors
Toy box (filled with fun and safe cat toys)
Brush daily (with a treat afterwards)
Window seat
Special soft blanket
Lots of love and cuddling

Just a few…Bobbie

7. Boxes and Containers

This is one way I make my cats happy. They always like to it in boxes and containers. I buy them on sale and every now and again, put them out in the living room so cats get their own. Sometimes I toss little plastic eggs from Easter time into them to play with.

Vicki F
Lynnwood, WA USA

8. Hair Control

This is how we control hair – for all bedding/sprawling/play areas, one of those red felt brushes that gets up hair, and a sturdy comb used just to remove the hair from the brush.

Long and short hair cats often have itchy ears, and most of the time it is NOT allergies, ear mites, fleas, or mosquitoes. Most of the time, the cat rolls in the bedding and gets hair in her ears. It itches, and isn’t usually visible. After they wake up, they usually want their ears brushed off. We brush, or rub down the ear with a damp cloth (small rag towels are nice). Or one of those sticky rollers. Or, using the thumb and baby finger to pull it out. You’ll quickly begin to see the clouds of hair that make the cat shake her head or paw at it, or look morose.

9. Sing them a Song

Sing your cat a song. We spoil our cats by giving them a song with each regular activity. It says somewhere that cats recognize their names better in a song form than spoken. So we have a short song (like a little kid’s tune) for dinnertime, another for brushing teeth, and another for just general hello activity. While cats understand commands, it often takes a minute before they quite see what you want. A little song makes it easier to get it quickly.

10. Keeping their Mouths Healthy

This is how we spoil our cats – we try to keep them healthy with a little tooth brushing. They like this bedtime routine, and their dental checkups have been excellent. We use dog toothpaste (they like the poultry flavor). I tell the cat we’re going to brush her teeth, and put a little squeeze of toothpaste on my forefinger. I wipe most of that bit off with my thumb, so now you have forefinger and thumb on one hand ready to go. Then I start the song, and let her lick the forefinger. About halfway thru, she knows that I’ll hold her head lightly with my left hand, and rub the toothpaste on each side of her upper gums, all the way to the back, where the glands are. Sometimes I get the rest of the mouth too, but the upper gums are the important part. Then, singing the rest of the song let her lick the rest off the thumb. It doesn’t make sense to give them food after brushing, but it’s nice to have a few crunchies before bedtime, and I do, and it hasn’t affected their checkups.

11. A Little Grass

We have a small back garden built for them to be taken out into every morning and evening. They like to eat grass, (good for their digestion and help them throw up hair balls, which could be dangerous if they have to pass them thru the intestines). I’ve also planted a small tub with grass and bring it inside if they won’t be going out that day. It’s more difficult to maintain grass in a tub, but worth it. Rye grass grows quickly and is apparently tasty. Otherwise, bring in grass stems (they like the fresh end bits of Bermuda or even St. Augustine. They seem to smell it to determine if it’s fresh or whatever, before eating it. Hold out a piece at a time.

12. Use Storage Containers

Those same storage tubs around the house, covered with washable rugs and small quilts make excellent beds or sprawling places, or staircases for older kitties.

13. An Anole Habitat to Watch

These lizards take time to care for, but our screened cage is an ever-interesting place for the girls to hang out. We used PVC pipe to build a cage, and bought the screening online. It has a zipper around it to snug it over the PVC infrastructure. However, I think a screened birdcage (screen on the inside, so the anole can’t get caught between bars and screen), might be easier. Our PVC cage is very sturdy, and one of the cats likes to lay on top of it. It needs to be screened, not glass.

14. Make Do Toys

Make cats toys by using boxes with holes cut out, yard bags (either uncut, or with the bottom cut open and the sack supported by a small box to make a tunnel. Radio Shack has a fun “bug” that is quiet and walks until it bums something, and then turns around. $10, fun to watch. Long feathers. Baby floor environment things (those little quilts with a structure and soft toy hanging down), covered with a little sheet or something, to make a hiding place, and a place to pull feathers by. A string pulled under a rug.

15. Attention to Grooming

Grooming: time consuming, but important to them. We have a variety of brushes. Their hair feels to them a lot like our head hair feels to us. Hair gets dandruff, itchy, and tangled. They can lick themselves, but will really enjoy the same things we would. Massage, gentle scratching (if they start licking hard where you are scratching, you’re in the right place – try combing that spot with a flea comb. A comb hurt, to stop when she says so). Face brushing is a social thing also, and very bonding. About once a month a bath and ears rinsed with 10% vinegar in warm water. Annually, a shave at the vet.

16. Food and Treats

Food and treats: read up on natural cat foods (see, and consider the oils and vegetables that help with the diet. Small food treats are nice, and the flavor and variety is fun. One of our cats likes cooked shrimp, cantaloupe, and small celery pieces. Another likes peanut butter, and the third (alas) loves dairy, so she gets very few of those treats.

17. Make a Ramp or Bench

A 6-foot x 10-inch x 1/ 2-inch board, covered with indoor/outdoor carpet. Be careful to either nail or glue the carpet to the board, as staples pull out. Then lay the board on a slant from couch to floor for sliding down (good for the anal glands), playing under (while you run the feather down the top sides), and running up & down.

Several of the same covered boards to build “benches” or even “bleachers”. Lay a board across a pair of ends (plastic storage tubs full of stored stuff, such as summer clothes, are great). Indoors or on a covered porch. By snuggling and stacking the storage boxes (make sure they’re all the same kind and not tippy), you can build bleachers against a solid wall, such as the patio. Away from the railing, of course.

18. A Chance to Go Out

Confining a cat indoors is like baring a kid from Anaheim the chance to see Disneyland. Yeah, I know. The vets all say your cat will live longer if he or she is confined to indoors. There is much more to life than living long . . . for you AND your cat. The quality of life ought to matter more, don’t you think? Remember “Born Free?” Let your kitty out to hunt and explore. Cats absolutely love it and it does wonders for their dispositions.

Tom Harrington

19. A Little Water Fountain

I have Maine Coons and they love water. I invested in a pet fountain and they absolutely love it. They use it to play with the water and to drink. Most cats prefer running water to drinking form a dish and the pet fountain fills this desire. I am certain it encourages them to drink more then they normally would and this can be helpful to their kidneys especially if you use RO water to minimize the mineral content. I am sure other breeds would drink more too and I think this is a healthy way to spoil your cats. I hope this tip was helpful.

Denise Kloss

20. Make them a Nest

We pamper our cats by making them ‘nests’ from our clothes. We put an item of clothing (like a warm top) on the chair and they nestle into it. Our cats know we are making them a ‘nest’ and wait patiently for us to make it nice before they hop in for a sleep.

Tatania Larocca
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

21. Create a Cat Room

We have turned a small bedroom into a “cat room“. They eat, sleep and have their litter “swimming pool” in their special room. If we have guests or someone comes to fix anything in the house, it is easy to put them up without stressing them out. With four cats the litter boxes were quite a chore. We purchased a small plastic swimming pool and filled it with about 120 lbs of scoopable litter. it sounds extravagant, but it is really practical. The pool is easy to clean and there is room enough for everyone.

22. A Window Bench

I pamper my cat by installing a window bench in his favorite window so he can watch the lizards & birds while nodding off for a nap. I also gave him a “special” place in my closet to get away from it all. I make sure only he is allowed. If I need to retrieve him for vet visit or medicine, I wait until he comes out or try to coax him out. I never intrude on his “special” place.

Lenna Hair
United States
Deltona, Florida

23. I Give Bam CatSip

This is my cat Bam. I think you can tell from the picture how very pampered he is. One of the ways I pamper him is by giving him his favorite treat twice a day — an ounce or two of CatSip cat milk, warmed in the microwave and stirred so that it’s just the temperature of a baby’s bottle. Even in the heat of the summer, he prefers his milk warmed just a touch, so that’s what I do for my very special boy.

24. A BIG Litter Box

I spoil my Jenny by having her clumping litter boxes, both big without lids and side-by-side inside the bathroom with the original Scoop Away container for eliminating waste from the litterbox. It is in the vanity section of the bathroom with the water closet barely separated from the vanity. I am in the habit of cleaning up her waste immediately. She has chosen one sandbox for the uhhh… you know from the other uhhh…you know. I’m being silly!!! But it’s true! I have further developed the habit of glancing in at her box from the bedroom whenever I pass by, which is often…the result no odor and no waste for sure in the litterboxes. Further yet, I level off the litter to perfectly flat so that at a glance I can tell whether she has used it or not. She never has to use a dirty box, never! I’ve sent a photo of Jenny leaving one of her boxes. I do think like a cat!!!

I know a lot of people would think this is perhaps going to an extreme to be this picky, but it isn’t a waste of time and nothing is too good for my Jenny! I know your other cat people will understand completely!

25. A Little Nature on TV

What I do is set the TV to Nature channel where symphonies of natural sounds orchestrate throughout the night. She loves it.


26. Share Some Morning Kisses

From the time Maddie was just a kitten I would give her butterfly kisses. Now every morning when I get out of bed she taps me every time I walk by until pick her up and we share our morning kisses. I also made sure to start bathing her when she was very little. So now its not a panick for her when it is time for a bath and groom.

Sommer and Maddie, Tuscaloosa, AL.

27. Are Really Got Pat and a Cuddle

Here are a few of the things I do to try and pamper my 2 kitties and keep them happy.

  1. Giving them a good brush – Petit Verdot my DSH absolutely loves this. My Ragdoll Moloko unfortunately is less keen.
  2. A really good pat for 10-15min – especially on top of the head, under the chin, front of the chest and lower back.
  3. Cuddle up in bed at night.
  4. I love buying them a fun gift at Christmas time. Usually a toy of some description.

Rebecca Milton
I’m from Australia – city Adelaide, State South Australia.

28. Big Comfy Chair in Front of the Window

My cat, Precious, Is the princess of the house. She has a big comfy chair, that is hers, in front of a window. Right outside is a tree with a bird bell. needless to say she spends most of the day there. When the bell is gone, she actually comes to tell me it’s time for another one. All she is missing is her crown.

Barbara Lynch
Mesa, AZ

29. Hide their Favorite Treats

My name is Brittany Langlois, from Ontario, Canada. I have 6 kitties, and lots of fun ways to spoil them!

  1. When you have to leave the cats alone for a substantial amount of time, hide their favorite treats around the house (under chairs, on ledges, etc.) This way they will keep finding surprises while you’re gone, keeping them happy and preventing boredom!
  2. For those hot summer days, make beef or chicken stock ice cubes! Even fruit juice ice cubes are a favorite with my guys. (Note: Put these in a bowl, or feed outside, as they can be messy!)
  3. Leash train your cat(s) (easier to do if you start when they’re young). They deserve to get out of the house just like dogs! Wouldn’t you get bored and depressed inside the same 4 walls your whole life?
  4. Take kitty on many outings. For walks, to grandma’s house,not just to the vet. And make playdates for kitty! Bring her over to play with your friend’s cats.
  5. Make a homemade kitty jungle gym. Use boxes, scrap wood, scrap bits of carpet, etc. It won’t hurt your pocket book, and kitty will LOVE it! Make sure to include lots of exploratory holes, lots of ledges up high for them to sleep on, etc. Imagination!
  6. If you own your house, and are handy and adventurous, build shelves high up on the walls for kitty to walk on. Some people make special kitty passages all throughout the house! It doesn’t have to be an eyesore either. Making the shelves decorative can be quite a nice touch to the house!

30. A Stroller

Sophie a 2 year old manx at who loves to ride in her stroller.

30. Her Own Bathroom

Another kitty spoiler….my Robbie kitty has her own bathroom. In an apartment it can be difficult to find a place for kitty’s litter box that is not visible to visitors, away from central traffic and private for the cat. I converted one of the broom closets to her own private bathroom, complete with a mat and two separate litter boxes. We keep the door closed but not latched, so she can use her paw to open it, do her business and rejoin the family afterward. She loves it!!!


31. Her Own Special Basket

In response to your request for “ways to pamper a cat” I have attached a picture showing the way in which my family pampers our 4 year old cat, Daizee-Mae. She has her own special basket that she’s had since she was a kitten, and, even though she has outgrown it, she still manages to “pour” herself into it with some body parts sometimes sticking out! She always looks so comfortable, though! We move the basket around into the sunshine for her, and early in the morning, we set it by our patio door in the sunshine and throw peanuts out on the deck for the birds, chipmunks and squirrels, and Daizee-Mae is entertained for several hours while resting in her basket watching through the patio door all the wildlife coming for peanuts!! A cat’s delight!!

She also comes into the bathroom every morning as soon as she hears me running the blow dryer to dry my hair … I have to make sure Daizee-Mae gets blow-dried too! (on the cool setting, of course) She loves it! She jumps right up on the bathroom vanity and waits for me to groom her! We call it her “spa time”!

Mrs. Janet Hodder
Newcastle, Ontario Canada

32. Playtime in the Bathtub

I spoil my cat by letting him play in the bath tub with just a little water running. Kind of like a drip. He started out as a kitten playing with the water running from the faucets so I would let him play as I cleaned etc.. Now he jumps into the tub and meows to tell me he want’s the water on. As you can guess he is not afraid of water so bathing him is really a pleasure ! He also drops his ball in his drinking water and then brings it to me to throw for him. We do this several times a night. It’s good exercise for him and fun too.

Lee T.

33. Lots of Kitty Beds

Lots of kitty beds, carpeted shelves on the wall, lots of cat trees and the best food you can buy.

Dinky is my 13 year old deaf cat. He was a flea ridden parking lot rescue when he was just weeks old. With deaf cats you have to get into the visual play, he loves a laser toy.

Denise Yantis
Conrad, Iowa

34. Fresh Air

Build them a cat run out the window. All cats LOVE to be outside, but its a dangerous world! This gives them fresh air while feeling like they’re outside you know they aren’t!
Its basically a screened in cat porch. You can have them with different levels, etc. Made from wood and screen. I have also seen some included lining areas and runs with carpet or have a scratching area. You can make it on the outside of common height window and when you don’t want any of them out, then you close the window!
I have seen four happy cats in these at once.

Another suggestion, growing catnip or catmint in your garden and bring them in a fresh sprig every day. They love that!


Crystal – Ontario. CANADA

35. Sources of Amusement

We strongly believe in keeping our cats indoors. Obviously, they need sources of amusement. My husband agreed to install one of those windows in our kitchen – the type you are supposed to put plants in…only we put cats in them. Our little fur people can sit in the window, totally protected, and watch the world. The birds are safe outdoors, and the cats enjoy the view from indoors. The window is large enough for the odd afternoon nap or stretch and if they are so inclined, they can see the sky by looking through the top of the window. And it only took my husband and his friend a whole day to install the window!!!

There was a slight bit of frustration in getting the window fitted in properly and since the window would not hold plants but our special guys instead, they needed to make sure it was very reinforced. But several not so well chosen adjectives later, the window was fitted and the cats have been enjoying it for matter what
the weather or the time of day.

And if there is nothing especially amusing going on on the outside of the window, they roll over and face the inside of the kitchen and watch whatever job I am up to. And that was one of the ways we came up with to give them a treat. After all, I could never make up for all they give to me.

36. Jungle WildCat Theme

I just read the tips on how to spoil your kitty and loved them all. The swimming pool idea for a litter box is great. I think I will incorporate that into one of my rooms for my kids. I have six very pampered fuzz balls: Tiffany Lynn, Tigger, Josie Ranae, Ellie May, Sir Ashton Cole Samuel and Ebony Grace who is called the “BooBoo” baby for she was an unplanned child! My kids started out with my remodeling the enclosed front porch into a hang-out for them.

I took landscape ties and cut them to height, installed them vertically and hand-wrapped them with sisal rope. Then attached shelves I bought at Lowe’s and covered the top of the shelves with carpet so they have that goes from one shelf to a kitty condo, a huge picture window ledge and plenty of kitty tree condos to curl up on or hide in the cubbys. I also installed a kitty sunroom enclosure I bought and installed into one of the windows for them. Their room is ceramic-tiled for easy cleanup and they like to lie on it in the summer time to keep cool. They have tons of beds out there and a huge fountain with running water especially for them and a toybox full of toys that gets emptied out about every two days in which I have to go around the house and pick up their toys and refill the toy box so we can start the routine all over again! They also have a stroller in which I’ll take two at a time for a walk at the park so they can watch squirrels and birds fly by. BooBoo will walk on a harness and lead, which is a blast to do with her.

Tiffany loves the full body massages where I go from tip of her tail to tip of her nose, inside her ears and between her paw pads. She really likes deep tissue massage and will purr ever so loudly and her eyes will even sometimes twitch and she will get
these trilling meows going too! She will demand her massages everyday as she so enjoys them. They all get daily kitty hugs and kisses.

Tigger is my loverboy and will snuggle in my arms like a baby. If I don’t pay attention to him or stop petting him, he will soft paw slap me to get my attention! Sometimes he will give me love nips.

My kitties are my kids and I love them so much. The pleasure I receive in taking care of them is immeasurable.

Currently, I am getting ready to remodel an extra bedroom into a jungle wildcat theme room for my 6 fur kids. I am actually going to bring in a large limb to angle from the wall to the floor and place artificial trees and palms around it so they can climb on this limb, lay around on it and claw on it as they please. The room will be decorated with leopard print wallpaper and I’m purchasing leopard print nap pads and a hammock for them. There will be a rock fountain installed with continuous flowing water for them to drink from and they will have tons of ledges, climbing posts and cubbys for them to curl up in and nap. I’m so excited about getting started on this room. It will be awesome. Do whatever you feel like doing for your babies as it will all be done out of love for them. I love seeing my kitties happy, healthy, and having fun. And they show me appreciation in so many ways for it plus keeps them out of trouble of gettng into things they shouldn’t! Enjoy!

37. Build an atrium outside

My husband and I saved money and extended the roof over one of our bedrooms into the backyard. We then enclosed it with rod iron and gating material and built shelving for them to walk on. Now our cats use the bedroom window to go out into their play pen. They love being outside, but we still feel safe that they won’t be in any danger.

38. 360 Degrees of Birdfeeders

We have 10 cats, all whom live indoors only. They are actually 2 separate families. One family of 5 has a cat palace in our garage (our cars are outside) and one family lives inside the house. They are separated because the alpha male in the garage, Bosco, has FIV. All but two cats were feral (from the same colony) and were rescued from our neighborhood. The last rescue of Iris netted the grandmom of all the feral cats, and I am pleased to say they are all very happy with their new lives. They have all come to know “the good life” and have been spayed, neutered, vaccinated and given veterinary exams on a regular basis. All are loved unconditionally.

We have 360 degrees of bird feeders and bird baths outside our windows to keep them entertained. Of course, the squirrels also show up as well as the deer, adding to the environmental viewing. I don’t really believe in the term “spoiling”. I don’t think you can spoil anyone by loving them unconditionally. You can allow them to be brats by not correcting certain unacceptable behaviors, but that is more a reflection of the human’s poor habits rather than the cats’. Our only rule is “respect” by both cats and humans. Everyone must get along and respect each other. Positive reinforcement works much better than negative, but when our alpha male, Andre, wasn’t allowing the last adoptee to enjoy her freedom, we had to resort to a squirt bottle filled with water. He did not appreciate getting wet and now they enjoy each other’s company in peace. Sometimes it takes a newcomer a little while to be integrated, but there is now harmony throughout the household.

39. Floor to Ceiling Windows

Our house has a screened porch attached with floor-to-ceiling windows and
screens. Our cats have all fun of being outside without any of the danger. We live in the Northeast where winters are quite cold but on a sunny day, the temperature in that porch can reach 60 degrees or more. They sit at the inside door and BEG us to go out there. Between the rabbits, squirrels, birds, deer and other assorted critters, there’s a never ending supply of entertainment.

40. Attention – lots of it

Just be there! Our cats, Donder & William just like us to be around the
house. When we come in they come down the stairs (with very sleepy eyes)
to greet us. Donder likes lots of attention and ANYTHING is acceptable – even rubbing her fur in all directions. William pretends to be more independent and
likes to talk but not be fussed. She often talks to the birds!

Usually they just sleep if you are at home although the other day i was up
and down the stairs all day and Donder (17 years old) got the work out of
her life as she followed me about!

Hope that you readers can relate to these treats from our Dutch cats!


41. Warm Cereal

This is how I spoil my cat:

  1. During the winter, I mix a dish of dry cat food with hot water, so my orange kitty can have warm cereal, which he really likes — but not so much in the summer.
  2. My black kitty enjoys a good game of fetch with a nice glue stick, so that’s what we do every morning while I drink my coffee.
  3. Both kitties have learned to wear a collar and harness. They go outside and explore on long leashes attached to a tie-out stake….I spoil them by taking them out around 5:30 am for an hour or so, and then several times during the day, winding up about 9 at night. We bird-watch together.


42. Comfort with things They Don’t Like

I’ve found if you have do to something a kitty doesn’t like, i.e. “bathing”, “teeth brushing”, dampen and squeeze out a washcloth, and use it to wipe their head and ears just like a mom kitty with her kittens. Doing this takes them back to that time and they really do appreciate it and settle down.


43. A Satin Pillow

A satin pillow to lay on, strawberry yogurt at 3pm. a slice of turkey at 9:30 pm. He gives me so much thanks when he get all this

Scruffy’s Mom

44. 9 Ways I spoil My Cats

This is how I spoil my cats,

  1. Rock them in the rocking chair and sing to them.
  2. give them massages
  3. let them have tastes of my food
  4. take them for nightly walks in their pet stroller
  5. let them cuddle with me in bed
  6. get them catnip toys to play with
  7. have a conversation with them, especially nice if you have a talkative cat
  8. let them chase the lazer light
  9. give them nick names, shiloh is my cuddly wuddly guy, mini is my mins a
    baby, sassy is my sassafras. They come to their names, but get excited
    when I use their nick names.

Dona Antio

45. Tea Time with Me

My name is Rena and I live in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Three of my eleven cats get spoiled by having tea time with me in the backyard. When they see me make my tea, they head for the door and sit by my feet. Rooey demands brushing, Stripe prefers a belly rub, and Jareeda is happy just to accompany them. The inside cats have preferred toys, Ajeeb likes his tossed and he retrieves it for me so I can toss it again. Sahannah enjoys stuffed mice and other assorted animals (the hedgehog is her favorite). Gamashah wants hide and seek played and Morgan (still a kitten) prefers to wrestle with Gamashah and Sahannah. Chili likes her privacy and prefers a good sleep in my clothes in the closet. Olive needs a few minutes on my belly where giving me a massage relaxes her. Meola likes a few minutes on my lap and Lily loves scratching her own little carpet. They’re a handful, but I love them all!

46. You Get There First…You Stay

It’s just me and my two cats in my apartment, so “we” have a rule: if you get there first, you get to stay there. That means that sometimes I have to keep myself busy for an hour or two while I wait to use the computer because one of my cats loves to curl up on the computer chair for naps. I never shoo one of my cats away from a chair, bed, or couch if she was there first — I work around them. When I take the cats to my parents
place over holidays, my parents don’t have the same rule, and you can see it’s a rude awakening for my kitties! Their expression seems to say, “How
Dare You?”


47. Keep Him Warm

My Siamese, Sammy, is getting old (11) and he loves to be warm. He has a favorite blanket, and I always keep it on the couch where I sit so he feels close to his family. At night, I roll the edges of the blanket towards the middle where he sleeps so it forms a nest for him. He is so cozy and warm and my other Siamese, a female, knows not to enter the nest, but to sleep next to it to give him company. I recently found out Sammy has heart failure (he had pneumonitis when I bought him as a kitten and has had severe allergies ever since) and I intend to make his last months of life as happy as can be.

Karen J. Mainous

48. Kitty Massage

Reggie, my 6 year old Manx, loves getting a “kittyssage” at least once a day. When he comes in, he immediately flops on the floor for me to massage him from head to toe. He even will roll from one side, to his back, then to the other side so he gets the total body massage. Since we have hardwood floors, he’s sliding in a circle the whole time also. I keep my hand flat and massage in circles with light to medium pressure. The look of contentment on his face and the loud purring are payment enough! He knows I’m the only one that gives out the massages. If my husband or daughter lets him in, it’s just straight for the food bowl or bed for naptime. He also gets a certain “determined” look and makes a little chirp when it’s time for some major cuddling. He’s just a big old baby!

Betty Ruis
Cordele, Georgia

49. Over the Old Shoulder Trick

My name is Carrie Wyse and I pamper my cat Kiko several different ways.

  1. I often pick her up and carry her over my shoulder. She loves it especially because I scratch her side until she purrs and then let her down wherever she wants to go. Its kind of like a kitty taxi.
  2. Once every couple weeks she gets a bath. Given she doesn’t really like the bath part she loves to get clean and groomed.
  3. I play “fetch” with her at least once a day usually. She loves the one on one play time and afterwards we cuddle as she sleeps. Its great to play before bed because she tires out and then gets a good night sleep.
  4. I take her out to visit friends and family and the residents in the local nursing home. She likes it cuz she gets to get out of the house.
  5. I let her sunbathe in the window she loves the fresh air especially on our porch (screened in of course) because she can get fresh air safely.
  6. She gets wet food once or twice a week. She loves the treat and it helps to only give it occasionally because then its a special treat for her.

I really love my kitty and pampering her is fun for me. I hope these tips help others have fun pampering their kitties too.

50. Annual Exams and Vaccinations

My name is Tiffany Ramey and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my husband and our four cats. We have no children so we spoil our cats. The first thing we do to show our love is annual vaccinations and check-ups. We want our kitties to live long and healthy lives. We also supply them with lots of cat toys and scratching posts. They also have several cat beds and cat condos. Three of our cats enjoy walks in their very own pet stroller. They all have nicknames as well as their original names. We talk to our kitties all the time and act like they can understand every word. We would be truly lost and lonely without these beautiful creatures in our lives. I have included several photos of my cats enjoying all their comforts.

51. Treat Them Each Individually

Each one of them has their own personality, their own likes and dislikes. Tabitha loves to play hide and seek and tag. She loves when I roll up a wad of colored paper into a ball and toss it. She loves to curl up in a small cardboard box on the desk when my husband works on his computer.

Harley loves to climb up to look into a storage box I’ve filled with cat toys and choose which one he wants to play with. He also loves watching the birds at the birdfeeder in front of the big picture window.

Mitzer whom I’ve had since a kitten…loves to lay on my chest while watching TV. He loves watching the bathtub fill up with water and lets me sprinkle him so he actually thinks he’s getting a bath too! Butmost of all….I save the rings from the milk jugs. He hangs over the railing while I toss them up and loves to swat them back to me!

Linda Fandrich

52. Blowing Bubbles

Callie loves it when I blow plain bubbles she leaps up in the air and tries to grab it and she also loves it when she and I played soccer mice with her toy mice She would batted the mouse a round and I tried to get it away from her.

53. Ice Cubes in the Water

I spoil my cat by putting ice cubes in hes water. buying him a chicken breast once a week. allowing him to sleep on my chest.

Christine from West Covina CA.

54. Create a Kitty Palace

We have 3 rescued Siamese Seal Point cats, ages 4 to 6 years old. Our house has been transformed into a “kitty palace”! There are plenty of soft beds and several cat trees in strategic places so watching birds at bird feeders is a favorite pastime. We also have a pet door that leads from the house to a large screened deck. There are plenty of napping places and sunning spots, and hummingbird feeders only a whisker’s length away on the other side of the screen.


55. Grow a Little CatNip!

Every year we set out catnip plants in our garden. They grow right along with the tomatoes, beans, and corn. Our country cats just help themselves all summer long. We often find our two stretched out sleeping under the catnip – or zooming around the yard and racing up tree trunks in catnip delight. In fact, all of our neighbors’ kitties have found the plants and stop by for the occasional nip. Our garden is the place to be. In the fall, I yank up the catnip plants, hang them upside down to dry for a week or so, then crumble the leaves and stems and store in Zip Loc bags for winter play times.

Ann Ranck

56. A Little Stroll

Our new kitten, is not allowed outside so I bought her a zippered little pet stroller I found on line. She hops in on her own, I zip it closed for safety, and we head out on our mile neighborhood journey which she loves! Good exercise for me, excitement for her
along with the many humming bird feeders and thistle feeders she loves to observe in our yard. The stroller I bought was said to be for little dogs but works well as she can walk around inside when I walk. She vacillates between standing and relaxing then happily hops out once back home. Have fun walking your cat OR dog! Happy trails!

57. Install a Garden Window

We had a garden window put in our house recently. The first one was accidentally built for the wrong window, so we ended up with 2 of them -bonus! The windows stick out from the house, and we put in padded carpeting (for temperature control, not exactly for the cats…). Well, our kitties now spend a lot of time lounging in what they think are their personal sun spas. The windows give an excellent view of the garden, birds, and butterflies, etc. and they love having the windows open. One of our kitties needed more exercise, and she now jumps up to the windows and has generally become more active. Of course, we didn’t really install these for the cats -it just sort of turned out that way.

Maddie & Molly’s Mom

58. A Dinner Ritual

My two girls are the best! Mixelplix is the cheeky one, and Mimi the princess. Every week I bring home sushi and we eat dinner together. Yellowtail is our favorite. Catnip is a necessity, followed by a romp in the house. A glass of fresh h2o for each. Mixelplix has since rewarded me by teaching HERSELF to pee in the toilet. The best way to spoil them is with all the love in my heart!


59. Help Him Swat Bugs

Ways to spoil my cat:
Drinking Fountain, cleaned often.
‘Sink Water’ – every night before bed I turn on the bathroon faucet so he can drink from the sink.
Window perches (with the windows open when possible)
Going outside on a leash.
Regular play times.
Regular vet care – maybe not spoiling but very important.
Rotate different toys so he doesn’t get bored.
Ear scratching session every time I come home from work.
For his birthday he gets a little (very little) real tuna.
Opening the closets when he ‘asks’ so he can explore.
Holding him up to the screen door in the evening so he can swat at the
I buy tubs of pet grass for him to eat.


60. Let the Cats Train Me

I have discovered that Cats love to (and are Very Good At) training their people. If you pay attention, it only takes them a few days. My cat, Gobbie, will not allow me to make a pot of coffee without putting at least a little something in her dish.She sits nearby quietly, watches me carefully and lets me do all of the needed coffee steps. When I put the coffee back in the cupboard and then Close The Cupboard Door, that is when she lets me know…O.K. , now me!!! She meows and mews and steps on my feet, allto make sure I respond to my previous training. It ony took me a few days to get the hang of it. She is a very good at training.

Peggy in Stuart Fl.

61. Window Perch and “Safe” Outdoor Time

Cat’s Name: Felix Kinetic (middle name means: energy in motion) Forney

I spoil Felix several ways. I got him a window perch for in the bedroom, and try to always have the blinds pulled up for him to look outside the window. Just outside is a bird feeder with several perches only inches away. At first the birds were hesitant, but now that they have learned that Felix can’t come through the window they are out there all the time! I have seen a large variety of birds; pigeons, sparrows, blue jays, cardinals, finches, robins, all eating together. There is a porch roof just below the window so sometimes they will gather there also and pick up the crumbs! I am attaching a picture of Felix on his window perch. (this photo was taken before I added the birdfeeder) 🙂

Another way I spoil him, is by allowing him a great deal of “safe” outside time. I have a patio that is about 10×10 and surrounded by latticework, and a gate. He loves going out there and hunting for birds (the not so smart ones that get close on the patio), basking in the sun, rolling around on plants, eating grass clippings, etc. He wants out there so much that almost as soon as I get home from work he is at the door begging to go out, or in the morning when I get up, and he will even want out in the dead of night, snow, rain, anything. He loves it. Of course I limit him to times that I can supervise and check on him every now and then. I never let him out overnight, and always leave the screen door unlatched so he can push on it to let me know he’s ready to come in. I am attaching a photo of Felix on the patio.

At times he is very demanding about wanting out on the patio, even at times late at night when I do not feel it is safe for him to be out. At these times I spoil him by giving him fresh catnip. Soon after, at least for a little while, he’s forgotten about wanting to go out.

Rachel Forney and Felix Kinetic

62. Lots of Warms Places

My cat likes warm places so we let it stay in warm areas in the house.

  1. On top of tv set. Its hot when it is on so my cat spends whole day sleeping on it.
  2. Outdoors. In the garden on the grasses where it gets direct sunlight. My cat plays there, lie down, rub its body on the grass, and play with my dog. But we don’t leave them unattended.
  3. On my bed. My cat sleep on my bed every night for 9 years. Sometimes on my tummy or on my back. It also likes to curl up in my armpit or between my legs. Problem is it has gone heavy.
  4. On my lap. It sits on my lap when I’m watching tv or eating or studying.

63. Treat them like Furry Children

My cats Leotis, Scooby, and Little Joy are definitely my furry children! When I get out of bed, all three cats run excitedly down the stairs for breakfast. Before I can even put up the coffee, I must serve my meowing children.

Throughout the day, the cats politely ask for a treat every time that I
enter the kitchen. I give them the green treats that are good for their
teeth. Like all moms, I want to know that my children are eating well!

Like children, My little furry little ones need assistance getting along through out the day. I use a little squirt of water to tell big, lanky, Leotis that it is not okay to chase little Joy, our eleven-month-old kitten. Scooby is a big, black and white, complacent boy who cares for Joy and ignores Leotis.

When I go to bed, Loetis always lays right at my feet. When my husband
comes up, he carries Scooby and Little Joy up and puts them in bed too. Unfortunately, there is a little sibling rivalry, so Scooby and Little Joy usually jump down.

Sharda B.

64. You Know When They are Sick

I have 4 cats all rescues 2 of which were raised on bottles and they are my children and they know it. It’s odd how they are really just like siblings in every way possible. They are jealous of who is in my lap and if I give one something I have to give them all the same or there is a sulled up baby in the corner for a while. I know them just as if they were my children. Just the other day I had one he was lying on his tower was swishing as if he was irritated and I knew he was ill because he is the first one to the food and the first to want out to play and he just looked with no intrest in anything. I called the vet and made an appointment and he had a 105.5 temp ( glad I took him in) and now he is fine. Your cat is really your child when you know them that well. They know us and trust us that we will take care of them just as we do our other children. I love my babies would be very lonely without them. They really do act just like siblings fighting, playing, napping and attention from mom.

Jill Bradshaw – Garland, Texas

65. Window Boxes

I have “window” boxes in a couple of windows so my kitties can feel like they’re outside, but stay safely in. They also love to lay in bread baskets, the perfect size for them! They love their automatic water bowl with the water trickling down. And the “tree” in front of the deck door brings them lots of fun.


66. Very Special Treats

Give give give all the treats and meats he wants with milk and Port Wine
Cheese and you’ll have a fat happy cat. lol

Bobbi owned and jailed by Bonnie & Clyde, Foxy,Bandit and Old Timer & Sylvett and Bella Donna

67. Unconditional LOVE

How to Spoil Your Cat: True, non-stop, no matter what ,where, how, no-holds
barred, unrelenting, CONSTANT unconditional love-the very same way that
they spoil US!!!

Daisy Vipperman

68. Don’t Skimp on Food

I have 4 cats, 3 are one year old, the other is about 6. I leave out dry food all day for at will feeding. I usually mix Iams regular, Iams kitten food, a higher end purina product and a hair ball reducing. I buy enough for a month, and mix in a bin. Every evening we have a treat. All the cats like a moist canned food. So every evening we put 1/4 can in each of 4 bowls and have a little treat. Not enough to spoil their appetite for the dry foods, which I suspect are better balanced.

Mary D.

69. Do Something They Like

My cat, Copper, just loves to be blow-dried! When I’m blow-drying my hair in the morning, she jumps up onto the counter, puts both paws on my chest and stretches up so I can blow-dry her as well – it’s just a little piece of heaven to start her day on the right track.

Susan Poynter

70. Billions of Kisses

I give my Ashley a bizillion kisses and hugs each day. While she is sleeping in her cozy window cat sofa with the sun on her, I bend down and kiss her a zillion times. I just love putting my face into her soft furry body. I do this several times per day.

We also have a lot of talking time together and we sing together, everyday, besides her evening play time with a toy, string or whatever.

This house is definitely the cat’s house with her housekeeping staff living here <chuckle>.

Regards, Virginia

71. A Jungle Jim

My two kids are so spoiled, at least that is what my family and friends say. Lily and Nicole basically have my husband and I wrapped around their little paws. I basically spend on them like others do with their children.

They have more toys than some of the kids in the family. They have a few cat trees throughout the house. Their auto litter box is probably the most extravagant so they continuously have a clean litter box. Our dining room is no longer a dining room. It is the cats play area equipped with a cat jungle Jim, crawl tunnels, cat beds and basket of toys. Lilly wants a drink, I have to lift her up to the sink and turn the water on to a small drip so she can get a fresh drink of water. Nicole MUST be picked up first thing when i arrive home so we can have our bonding session. if i fail to immediately pick her up, boy do i get chewed out.

My next project is to have climbing levels and walkways installed around the house.

yah i guess you could say they are spoiled!

sue-roch, NY

72. A Little Game of Hide & Chase

My kitties, Rambo and Tessa, love the cuddles and lovin’, but what they like to do the most is play a game we call ‘hide and chase’. Around 8:00 p. m. every night they get wild and we start running around the house, hiding around corners and ‘jumping’ out at them, which makes them jump and run in the other direction. Then we run away and they chase us. It usually ends with us all snuggled up and loving on the floor. Too much fun!! Pictures are attached! Love your newsletter!

Peace, Love & Happiness,
Debbie Rose

73. A Little Milk

When I have cereal, my Sammy cat wants the milk. He patiently waits until I am done, and then I fill up the spoon with milk and he licks it off the spoon. Takes a few minutes of spoon feeding for him to finish it, but he relishes the attention. He prefers this than drinking the left over milk from the bowl. Is he pampered – you bet.

Have a Good Day, or At Least, Have a Day,


74. Little Rituals

This is how I spoil my cat:

Lots of bird feeders outside the windows

Whistle. My cat comes running when I whistle her a little tune.

Leave enough room in the bed, so she can snuggle up with me.

If a fly gets inside the house, I fight the urge to swat it, so it can be hunted for a little while.

Deborah Speckman

75. Canned Food Plus a Little Heat

I spoil my cats by heating up their canned food in the microwave and topping it with turkey baby food. If they are sleeping on my chair, couch or bed, I will not disturb them and find someplace else to sit. They only drink filtered water, no chlorine for them! Cat perches and beds are by every window, never mind if the furniture looks out of place. They each get their own birthday celebration and Christmas presents. Every Halloween they each get a new costume. I show some of my cats and there usually is a cat costume contest, so each year we try to come up with a more unique costume for them. They also get massages and luxury baths. Yup, they don’t mind getting bathed, as the show cats have to be bathed/groomed for the cat shows, so all the cats get a bath (with heated towels of course). Plus top quality food, treats and walks in the park in their SUV stroller.

J from Minnesota

76. Share and Share Alike

I allow my two girls, Samantha and Felicity, to share everything with
their Mommy. That means when I work from home, Felicity sits behind me
on the chair and pokes her head under my arm as I type and Samantha gets to sit on my appointment book and watch the computer screen.

But my special pampering for them is to make up songs about them to sing to them. I have “Samantha Queen of the Wildwood” and “Tootie the Cutie the Little Patootie” (Felicity’s nickname is Tootie). When I sing to Samantha, she purrs and rubs against me and when I sing Tootie’s song to her she flips over on her back, drops her jaw and smiles for me.

I love my girls.

Linda Bottega

77. Everyday Play

I play patty cake with Dulcie eveyday. I pick her up turn her upside down while saying Patty Cake-she only lays still in that position when I say those words-she wants down otherwise. An we play Patty Cake….with a tummy scratch.

She has her own window over looking the bird feeder with her own window seat–a shelf for her bed. She has her own room and bathroom. She also goes bonkers for her morning treat…Feline Greenies….

Loma Miller

78. A Little Fresh Tuna

My husband and I have 21 cats!!!, so you know we are big CAT LOVERS. We give them fresh tuna fish a few times a month. They all come running when they hear me say the word tuna!!!

80. A Little Meat

We spoil our kitten Salem, by buying him special meat, breaking it in to pieces and putting it all over the fridge. He even has his own step-stool to climb on to get his “meat”!

Stephanie Wayman

81. A Towel Rub

I spoil my long-haired Manx, Topsy-Boy, by drying him with a big fluffy
towel when he comes in from a rain bath on the patio. He loves to be
rubbed down with the towel, then have each of his paws dried really well. He’s not a big-time shedder, but after being in the rain the fur really comes off in clumps! And his purr tells me how good it makes him feel.

Sharon Anderson

82. Her Own Place at the Table

Precious has her own chair at the dinner table and we put her plate on the table and she dines with us.

Also we finally found a pet brush that she loves for that extra shedding hair. We haved tried so many that she wanted nothing to do with. This is called PetZoom. She loves it so much, she rolls over and puts her paws in the air and says do my tummy. She will lay there and roll over for long periods of time she likes it so much.

Barbara Lynch
Mesa, Az

83. Look in to Their Eyes When You Talk

This is how I spoil my cat:

1. I buy down filled throws and fold several times to make cushy beds/nests in places our babies like to sit, i.e., on their favorite chairs, on the couch, on the bed at night( when they’re not curling up next to us,) in front of the television (yes, cats do like to watch television as long as we’re with them)

2. Warm their cat food ever so slightly in the microwave

3. Buy them each their own scratching post, taking into account their age and health-related issues (for ex., our ten year old baby is still very spy and has a tall scratching post with a larger base, allowing her to stretch to her full “height”, but our 14 year old baby has arthritis in her kind legs, so her scratching post is lower and has a smaller base so it’s easier for her to use)

4. Making sure they several places throughout the house where they can drink fresh, filtered water

5. Looking directly into their eyes when I speak to them….you’d be surprised how they hold your gaze and you can see the “wheels” turning when you’re telling them how much you love them. I think they respond not only to the tone of your voice, but I really do think that they understand much of what you say to them. Case in point. One of our babies, the younger 10 year old, can identify her “crackle” toys, (a bug, a butterfly, a squirrel, a turtle). You can tell her which toy to get, and she does!!!

6.Using EXTREME care when choosing toys, i.e. nothing with feathers, small “eyes”, or any other component that they could swallow.


84. Beanie Baby Toys

I have some Tiny Beany Babies that McDonald’s had in their Happy Meals.
They are light weight and make noise. My 13 year old calico loves to toss
them around.

Ann Kelly

85. Pet Stairs

I spoil my kitties in many ways:

Lady is getting old, so I got her some petstairs for the bedroom.
She also gets to sleep right next to my pillow every night.
Simba loves to sleep at the foot of the bed every night.
I made Lady a little “Apartment” under a table. I put her kitty bed under the table inside a cardboard box and she spends most of her day there.
Simba loves his lactone and licks my finger clean.
Simba gets to go out first thing in the morning. But comes home for “lunch” around noon.
Simba loves to play in his cube, and I play with him for 1/2 hour whenever he wants
Simba also loves catnip..which I grow on the porch for him.
Lady likes grass so I grow grass on the porch for her.
They both love to sit on the couch when I watch tv. One on each side of me.
Lady loves to eat, so almost everytime I got to the kitchen I have to give her something to eat.
I get chicken breast for Lady and she loves them.

Both my kitties are pretty spoiled!


86. A Little Nap in the Warm Laundry

How I pamper my 2 beautiful Burmese cats: I let them nap in the warm laundry. They love it, and usually come running when they hear the dry door shut. They even meow as I lower the laundry basket as if to thank me! ( or maybe they are saying hurry up!)


87. A Bed Time Story

Miau miau!

Well every night i go to bed about midnight. Since my to cats romeo and juliet sleep with me, i have to give them a treat first, and after that we go to bed…so maybe five seconds later it goes, hush fush under me, on top of me, and so on. Then they finally stop and romeo puts his had on my chest and looks at me.

I say to him oh now you want to hear your little boy story, so he listens and purrs and goes ma, ma then I start to tell him the story. When you were a little boy i fed you with a bottle and you were so gentle and kind. In between it goes again ma ,ma. Then i tell him that i fed him till he was about nine months old, and say to him shame on you, by now you should be eating normal food. While all this time juliete lays by my side, she gets up and i can see in her eyes that she tries to tell me, what about me. She jumps over romeo and starts to play again. By this time i just about had it, and it is almost 1am. So i start yelling, if you guys don’t stop i will take you to the humane scociety, then you will see what life you have. They both look at me stop and lay down.

So now Dr. Debra, tell me what i already know. My cats do understand every single word i say, and that is the truth.
I hope you enjoy the little story, and i know that i have the best cats in the whole wide world.

Thanks for viewing this e-mail and i hope you have a nice day.

Elisabeth Flores

88. Punky Bits

Punky is our “senior” girl kitty in a herd of about 20. We have a colony of feral cats that are more family than feral, and we foster for a rescue organization as well.

Punky knows she’s special because every tiime we have steak or chops for dinner, she gets “Punky bits”. These are the trimmings of fat (and not so fat) off the meat, and she sits and waits patiently for us to finish, when she knows her daddy will put her Punky bits in her dish. No doubt in her mind she deserves such special treatment!

Chris Davis
Alvarado, Texas

89. Cubby Holes for Outdoor Cats

My Manx cross cats, Bonus and Additional, live with their DSH mom Domino in the garage with the hay, and in the tack/feed room. They are excellent mousers, and keep the mole population at bay also. So I try to make their lives as comfortable as possible.

When I stack the horses’ hay, I offset some of the bales to include cubby holes. They have cat ladders to climb up to the garage rafters from both inside and out, and I leave a fan on during the hot summer days. I feed treats and canned food in here, and better quality dry food.

In the tack room, they do have to share dry cat food with the neighborhood raccoons who can also come in at night through the cat flap door, but I refill every morning, and clean the water dish.

Also in here are a number of nests of towels and horse blankets, and when it is frosty, I turn on an oil filled heater next to the fleece-lined cat bed under the saddle rack.

Elaine Bessuille
Yarrow, near Chilliwack, British Columbia

90. Flea Comb

1. Give her little bits of tuna or a sardine!

2. Comb her with a flea comb.

Carol Braden

91. Great Foods and Lots of Playtime

My cat Snowy Sky loves Boars Head Cracked Peppermill Smoked Turkey Breast, always have a fresh pack on hand. She also loves Virginia Baked Ham, she’ll gobble it right up.

She always has fresh wet and dry food daily and fresh water 3 times a day. Her favorite toy is an aluminum foil ball, easy to make, she’ll play with it for hours. I love to play hide and seek with her, she gets a big kick out of that.

She sleeps with me every night, just like a human. She lays her head on the pillow and stretches out. I adopted this little beauty from the S.P.C.A. and she is the light of my life.

Sue Rumfield
Nazareth, PA.

93. Let Him Chase the Dog

“Don’t stop him when he chases the dog!”

(My ten-pound male cat chases my sixty-pound boxer mix all over the house. It’s hilarious!)

Erica Coffey, Waynesville NC, USA

94. A Dish of Cream at Bedtime

A small dish of cream at bedtime. Canned tuna (real people) for a treat.

Richard Packwood

95. Special Pillow Friend

I provided her with a special pillow friend so that she doesn’t feel alone when you’re not around.
Sammy loved this pillow and laid next to it often.

Vera Nix
Carson City, NV

96. A Special Greetiong When I Get Home

Wella s the proud new owner of a grey and white kitten I called Tickle… not sure if it is a boy or girl… Did not want to choose on that basis… so let one come to me and that was the one I brought home.
So now as to spoil….

Well friends tell me the kitten is spoiled already… as each day I come home and after opening my door… I drop everything and wait for Tickle to come to me at the door… when Tickle comes I will pick Tickle up and talk to him or her like he or she is the only one that matters… Then Tickle will purr and cuddle into me which makes me smile and I squeeze a little and put him or her down.. Then we go to the kitchen for fresh water as I think I would not like old water…
I am sure as time goes on… I will find all kinds of ways to spoil this little creature in my life..
Thanks.. your page is wonderful…

Colleen Beauman-Cook
London Ontario Canada

97. A Special Tent and Their Own Glass of Water

I spoil my three 12 year old cats – Wizard, Puff and Mister Kitty – by giving them treats in the AM, giving them wet food 2 or 3 times a week, brushing them which they LOVE, having playtime before bed and setting up tents for them. I drape a cover off the edge of the couch every evening and wake up in the morning to find one or more sleeping inside it. They also have their own glasses for drinking water.

Jen and Tim Elsaesser
Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

98. A Room with a View

The best way to spoil my Lucy is to give her a screened porch, a bird feeder, and a friendly squirrel.

Currituck, NC

99. Heated Towel

Spoil them with their own electric pad covered with a towel that is set on
low and on all the time from winter to spring. Each electric pad is set
on a pillow and located on a large window sill so all sorts of wildlife
can be watched. We have cold winters and cats like to be cozy.

Susan Russell
Winnipeg, Manitoba

100. Floor to Ceiling Windows

Another good way to spoil your kitties is to give them floor to ceiling windows and encourage barn swallows to nest nearby – fascinating!

Karen Ish
Currituck, NC

101. Bubbles

I spoiled my cat Callie by blowing bubbles. She loves chasing them around

Bronwyn Mazzie

102. Waterfall

We live in Chicago and are lucky enough to have a large deck on the back of our apartment. I bought a 7-gallon waterfall pond and have it installed right outside of the dining room windows so Minge (my cat) can sit on the dining chairs the window sash or on the floor in front of the windows and watch the birds come to the pond to bathe and drink. It is an endless source or entertainment for her thru the Spring Summer and Fall months.


103. Kitty Grass

My kitties don’t ask for much – some cat treats, many naps, lots of love. bunny rabbit’s favorite thing is for me to pet her while she chews on her kitty grass. No matter where i am in the apartment, she stations herself between me & her cat grass so she can “lead” me to it whenever i walk around. ted is just happy to eat & sleep! they’re pretty cheap to keep since they aren’t interested in expensive toys or accessories or food. so when i want to “spoil” them, there’s no point in buying more toys they won’t play with or fancy beds they won’t sleep in. Instead, I make a donation to my favorite animal shelter/rescue group. So many kitties don’t have homes or toys or specials things like my lucky girls so if I can spoil a needy cat, that’s the best spoiling there is!

104. Bird Feeder

Since “little brother” (Bro for short) is an indoor kitty..he has special
places to perch and looks outside..I like to put a bird feeder outside
our window so he can look at them feeding!

H Flan

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“little brother” (Bro for short) loves to sleep on his back!! He also gets a treat of “Cat Milk” that is sold in your local grocery store..

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Bro’s new play toy!

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Since “little brother” (Bro for short) is an indoor kitty..he has special places to perch and looks outside..I like to put a bird feeder outside our window so he can look at them feeding!

105. Pamering Rain

When I saw the Top 100 tips for pampering your kitty, I knew that we would be doing most of them. Rain is an only cat as she dislikes other cats. She is the queen of the house and knows it. She has a bed in the living room, our bedroom, and a cat tree in the dining room. She also convinced my husband that the stool from my vanity needed to be under the bedroom window so she could better watch the squirrels in the backyard. I guess that means she has two beds in the bedroom and the windowsill in the kitchen.

But the two real signs of pampering for Rain is that we have water dishes for her in three of the five rooms of the apartment (none in the bathroom or bedroom) and she still thinks the best water comes out of the glass that I am holding for. When she gets thirsty, she will paw the laptop to get me to move it, sit on my lap and wait for me to hold my water glass so that she can get a drink.

The other telltale evidence that Rain is spoiled rotten is that around six p.m. each night (or sooner if I am in the kitchen cooking), she will sit in front of the refrigerator to let me know that it’s time for fish. She gets about 1/2 tablespoon of tuna as a treat in the evenings and she knows it.
This spoiled kitty has been a joy in our lives for almost two years and we’re hoping she stays that way for another 10 times that.
Thanks for the hints,
Cindy Gunnin, Carbondale, Illinois

106. Their Own Room

The ways I spoil my cats:

1- They have their own room.( I just sleep there)
2-I spend a lot of time with them.
3- I hug my cats everyday.( a must)
4- They have the dining room. We eat in the kitchen.

Above all of these things I give them LOVE and I mean a lot of it.

Carol Basnight

107. Turkey Breast

I get Snowy fresh Boars Head Cracked Peppermill Smoked Turkey Breast, she absolutely loves it! I also get her fresh Virginia Baked Ham, gobbles it right out of your hand. She always has fresh wet food, (fancy feast is her favorite), fresh dry cat food and always fresh water. Her favorite toy is an aluminum foil ball, easy to make and she plays with it all the time. She sleeps with me every night, she lays her head on the pillow just like a person. She’s very special to me.

Sue Rumfield

108. Hold Her When She Cries

Get up to hold your crying Kitten at 3:00 in the morning to hold and sooth her.

M. Williams

109. Daily Massages

My 191/2 year old kitty Mandy DEMANDS several daily massages. She will wake me up in the wee hours of the morning with what I call “pat, pat, pats” with her paws. Throughout the day and evening she will tell me she wants more massages by patting me or jumping in my lap. I always oblige her, of course, even if it means lack of sleep for me. Mandy is a wonderful albeit spoiled tan and black tabby and we live in Centreville, VA.


110. Fluffy Pillows

We have a HUGE fluffy green pillow in front of French doors for them (Tigger, Nosey, Rowdy, Spooky, Scrappy and Schnizzles) to lay on and look outside.

Yes, their all indoor cats with tons of love and attention.


111. A Stroll

I open a can of “Sardines in tomato sauce” [regular not HOT, SPICY sauce] and let our 3 furry ones have some yummy (to them) treats. It’s also healthy as the sardines have bones in them so there’s some more calcium for growing bones, etc.

We bought our cats a stroller (a super nice one with 3 air-filled tires which moves so smoothly) so we can safely take them out for strolls (hard to walk far ’cause neighbors & strangers stop to talk about the stroller and/or our cats, once they get a glimpse of them), as well as taking them to pet stores, Home Depot, restaurants with patios (Florida permit pets on patios at restaurants now), as well as to cat shows (where they are doing great) and to the vet’s office.

We spoil them by having a carpenter totally enclose our small back deck, bought and installed a sliding door cat-door so our kitties have access to the outside anytime they’d like.

We have done all the “usual” stuff of cat trees (even that fabulous “Lotus” one that is so neat and the favorite of one of our cats in particular), scratching posts, cheap little nylon pop-up cubes/playhouses from Wal-Mart, ordering organic, freeze-dried chicken, liver, and salmon treats for them — but the BIGGEST way we spoil our cats is by making all their food ourselves and feeding them a carefully planned raw diet. Our cats are THRIVING and our vet, who’s not a fan of feeding raw, continues to admit that our cats are wonderful examples of truly healthy cats in every way!!

Humbly submitted,
Jean the Queen (of Laundry & Litter)
aka: Jean Colson
Bradenton, FL

112. Smokey Mountains


113. Wet Hands

He is one thing we do for two of our four kitties that they just love.
Someone mentioned that cats don’t like water; well, although that is
usually true, it isn’t always true. Two of our cats (Elrond and
Nefekara) love it when we get out of the shower or bath and wipe our
wet hands from their heads to their tails! We call it “Muskrating”
since it makes them look like muskrats, but it makes them fall on the
ground in happy, purring ecstasy! They come running when they hear
the water go on. Their brothers Gandalf and Akhanaten hate even a
drop of water accidently landing on them, but our water babies can’t
get enough.

Linda Nelson
Chapel Hill, NC

114. A Cat Chat

I don’t see “talking to your cat” on the list. My Pearl really felt loved when I said the following over and over to her:

“Pearl, the greatest cat of all time. The greatest cat that ever was, or ever will be. I love you, Pearl.” I’d go on and on with the syrup. Then I’d start to explain. “Why? Because you’re independent, and resourceful. You take care of yourself. You help me through my tough times. Remember that time during the storm?”

etc., etc., etc. You could just see her mentally agreeing with me, warming to my praise, purring madly, cuddling up to me, almost trusting me (but never quite! Quick to express her displeasure, slow to let her guard down, always making sure she was in charge of her own life.). And she was my great, great companion of 16 years.

So, add talking and lengthily praising your cat to the high heavens as the best way to spoil your cat.


115. A Tank with A View

My cats have their own fish tank with carpeted steps in front so they can
watch the fish. Since they do tend to paw at the fish, a glass aquarium
works better than plexiglass.

Leslie Graber

116. Vacuum – for those that Like it!

A friend has a cat that likes to be vacuumed!

Warmest regards,

Audrey L. Steidl

117. Literally…Spoon Feed

We have two 1 ½ year old orange tabbies. Milo has no problem with eating dry or wet food. While Tarzan his brother does not care too much for wet food and we were told by the Vet that he needs it because of his urinary stone deposit history. So my daughter will sit on the floor and feed him little bits of wet food with a spoon which he will then eat. So while we spoil Tarzan because of his medical condition we also give Milo lots of extra hugs so he doesn’t feel left out. We just LOVE our little kitties.

Dori Maranon

118. Balcony Time

There are many ways I spoil my cats. Probably too many to mention. Both of my cats get their special treats in the evening, one-on-one attention every day with either a brushing or massage, and I let them out on the balcony to get some fresh air and watch the birds. On Saturday mornings we watch animal programs on TV together. As a very special treat Seamus, my big “little” (2 year old) boy, who weighs 17.6 lbs and is the size of a Main Coon, with visits next door to play with his furry friend Max.

Carole d’Entremont
Wakefield, MA

119. Non-stop Tummy Rubs

Non-stop tummy rubbing: My long-haired sealpoint Siamese Niles loves to have his tummy rubbed. Whenever I am sitting down he crawls up into my lap, gets on his back, and verbally demands tummy rubbing. At night he curls up beside me and gets his bedtime tummy rub, and in the morning he gets his wake-up tummy rub. And of course if I get up in the middle of the night, he’s awake when I get back to bed, demanding another tummy rub. It is very relaxing for both of us. You may have heard the comment that “you can’t stay tense if you are petting a cat.”

Andrea Andrews

120. Rock Him to Sleep

I am a sucker for my new kitty. In the last year I lost my 2 beloved cats to old age. I thought my heart would never heal, but then I met Taz. We got him as a timy kitten and I have enjoyed baby-ing him. There are 2 special things I do for him. I wrap him in a blanket and rock him to sleep whenever he wants it. As soon as I get him settled in the blanket he lets out this deep breath and goes straight to sleep. He also likes to watch everything so I hold him when I can to let him watch what I am doing. His favorite is when I am cooking dinner!

Nichole Smith

121. They Can Never Be Too Spoiled in France

Can they ever be too spoiled?

I have four cats, Claudette and her three kittens Minnie, Max and Felix. They are all completely different. To spoil Claudette, I simply let her cuddle on my knee – have to spend longer sitting down than I really mean to a lot of the time! They all love sitting on my knee but there is not room for them all together now, so two at a time is the most we can manage these days. Also Claudette has a bug in her head about going into the back kitchen where I feed them, so I carry her in there as a treat sometimes.

Felix just loves jumping up onto my shoulders and sitting there while I walk round or do whatever I am doing. Max does not like being carried very much but he loves his back and tummy being scratched and massaged – we spend ages in the yard on the gravel. Minnie also seeks affection, coming and mewing a lot just for a cuddle. Her favorite treat is to sleep on the bed, on her warm fleece blanket. They all enjoy cuddling up to their human in bed in the winter

They all love running fast and climbing in the garden . I think that is the biggest treat you can give a cat, a large secluded garden or at least some fields around your house where they can explore and hunt. All our four will follow us for a walk when we take the rubbish up to the bin at the top of the drive.

Of course we give them little treats of food scraps and catnip all the time as well but every morning they get warm porridge after I have made it for ourselves, when the microwave goes “ping” they run in and wait while I swirl milk around the cooking bowl to free up the porridge and they slurp it down.,If they all arrive at the same time I have to divide it into separate bowls as now they are bigger they cannot all get their heads into one bowl!

It is easy to pamper and treat your cats – just give them all the love you can and they will be happy. Everything else comes from listening to them!

Francesca Ashmore, in Vendee, France

122. Neck & Spine Massages

I give my cats and kittens heavy duty neck and spine massages on a daily basis. I began doing this when I found one of my cats hind legs paralized. Along with freaking out, I began doing deep massages and keeping the hind legs moving to keep the blood flowing to the unknown affected areas. She is now up on all fours and gives the rest of the household a run for their money. My veterinarian calls her a miracle cat. I do this now for all of my cats to help them stay healthy and feeling good.

Barb MacNeil – California

Tip 123. Numerous Balls

Our Kitty, Appy, is just over a year old. She is a beauty…a Maine coon/Persian mix with a great personality. She has two scratching posts, 3 “houses”, one tunnel, numerous balls of varying sizes, catnip filled rats, mice and a pink purse. We tie shoelaces on long bamboo poles and run her through all of her houses every night and also loves for us to blow catnip scented bubble for her. We lost our 22 and 23 year old Angelo and Amelia about 10 years ago and finally decided it was time to bring another kitty into our home….and we have had a ball. We love her to pieces and shouldn’t have waited so long.

Liinda Sabellico

Tip 124. Furniture by Windows

How we spoil our cat:

lots of petting
daily brushings
anti-hairball medication twice a week
plenty of toys
furniture placed in front of windows, so she can use them as perches
having her snuggle with us in bed during the winter

And all that’s just for starters!

David Haines

Tip 125. Automatic Timer for Water

We have 2 spoiled ones, Kitty and Smudge. We adore them both but
Smudge gets most of our attention because she is the equivalent of a very inquisitive little girl. They have their own Drinkwell water fountain, it is on automatic timer so they can drink from the spout even when we’re not home. Smudge likes to be lifted off the floor and look out the window and check the action outside just like I sometimes do. My husband made a tunnel out of a very long box for their amusement. Kitty has an oversized dog bed and she doesn’t like sharing it with Smudge. Smudge doesn’t need a bed because she sleeps on our bed if no lap is available for her. We have 2 digital cameras, and they’re both filled with their pictures. My computer desktop background is a huge picture of the 2 of them sunbathing, my cellphone also has my cats as the background. They’re a joy to have around, my husband cannot vacation with me as there will be no one to take care of them. Kitty and Smdge, our beloved cats.



126. Pots of Green Grass

I have 2 exclusively indoor kitties, both are rescue cats. My windows are open March -October even though the northern climate gets a bit chilly. My kitchen is alive with pots of green grass that I hope is appreciated -I know that I like the decorative aspect of it.


127. Entire Flower Bed of Catnip

I planted an entire flower bed with nothing but catnip.My three cats love to roll in it!

Judy Stiles

128.Heated Window Sill Hammock

Aside from the large Garden window (4’x5.5″) my two Abyssinian gentlemen have a water fountain, an electric litter box, a heated window sill hammock that look out into the trees. I also found these wonderful bugs (cockroaches and ladybugs) at Border’s books – they crawl slowly down the glass of the siding door that looks out over the deck with the bird feeder. They love trying to grab them. At night they have catnip (Tutenstein like to eat it, but Boo would
rather roll in it) Tutenstein likes to fetch covered hair bands that I shoot across the room. I had to quit sleeping with them on my ponytail – he would pull it off about three in the morning and drop it on my face to make me wake up and play! They both like the furry mice to play with too. Tut thinks that I bought the MacBook Pro just for him to sleep on! I’ve attached a couple pictures of the boys. Hope you enjoy them.

Lee K, St. Louis, MO

129. Chairs She Can Reach

My “Blackie” is a total baby. He was diagnosed with rickets when he was 8-months-old so as a result he has the shortest and cutest little legs, he can only jump about 2 ft high, so I leave stools and chairs at all window sills for him to watch the world.

He follows me around like a puppy, calling me to come out and play chase which is a long rush of grass that i have to drag around for him to chase, he comes up to our bed in the morning and nuggles in between us, he has my husband wrapped around his little paw, he sleeps where he wants during the day inside or out, total free will, totally thinks i can understand him when he comes telling of the mice he nearly caught, Tigger his brother is our other cat who is much more independent and able to catch mice, will occasional give him one he has captured, and oh, the showing off that goes on. We love him so much but have no idea how it’ll all turn out.

Eiranne (in Ireland)

130. Warm Breath

Here is a suggestion that works especially well for kittens but does rather well for adult cats also. Kittens are accustomed to the warm breath of their mothers, so when warm breath is blown onto their bodies especially the head and neck area, the kittens seem to relax and find comfort in the closeness and warmth. The is most definitely true when very small kittens are being raised without their mothers. Adult cats respond similarly. Ailing adult cats seem to welcome the same response.

Anna Powers

131. Belly Rubs

My baby Tobi Wan Kenobi is 3 1/2 years old. He is a Maine Coon, and huge!! I spoil him with tummy rubs every time he sits next to me on the bed or lies in my lap. I think both of us like this so very much, not just him alone! All I have to do is call out ” who wants tummy rubs” and he comes running!! I just love it!!

Patricia Philippe
Palm Springs, California