100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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These are suggestions from out very loving PetPlace.com cat owners on how to pamper and spoil a cat. We hope you enjoy and find some of these tips useful.

1. Bathing Wipes

Good morning kitty lovers, I have found a[ product called OUT. They are cat-bathing wipes that have allergen reducers in them. They have a calming chamomile fragrance in them that calms excited cats. We all know that cats don’t like water!!! You can warm them in your microwave for 10 seconds, prior to wiping your kitty down. The kitties don’t seem to mind them very much, and kitty smells wonderful after. Sold by OUTinternational inc.# 1-800-448-8552 if you want to call. An excellent litter liner that makes cleanup a breeze, called Kitties Rule sold at Petsmart stores. They are sturdy.

Barbara Hughes

2. A Big Comfy Chair

My cat, Precious, Is the princess of the house. She has a big comfy chair that is hers, in front of a window. Right outside is a tree with a bird bell. Needless to say she spends most of the day there. When the bell is gone, she actually comes to tell me it’s time for another one. All she is missing is her crown.

Barbara Lunch

3. Spoil Them with Love

My name is Jessica from Tulsa, OK and my cats absolutely LOVE it when I rub the inside of their ears and in between their toes. I like to rub all around the base where the wax sometimes builds up and their heads just fall back and they start purring and fall right to sleep. When I rub their toes they spread their little toes out and just rub in between. I love nothing more than to spoil my sweet kitties, because they spoil me back with love.

Jessica Haydock

4. Open Windows

My cats are indoor cats, so I open up a few of our windows (with screens of course) so that they can enjoy the fresh air. They love it. I have a kitty scratch post that somebody gave to me they enjoy it too. We give them catnip so they can get a little spunky from time to time. And last but not least they love the little furry mice that you can get at the pet store they think it’s real! They are sold individually in containers sometimes in packages. They truly are my babies especially my two black boys. The one thinks he is a lion and has a huge wide nose that I love to kiss. I don’t know what I would do with out them. I have and always will be an avid cat lover.

Renee Conaway

5. Their Own Water Glass

A tip for pampering my cat: I finally got tired of my cat using my water glass as a drinking fountain and snubbing her own water bowl, as fresh and clean as it may be… so I found two lager glasses, perfect kitty height (with no need to bend down) and with wide rims; and keep them filled with fresh water to the very brim. She loves the new arrangement.

Anna Rogers, owned by Sharkbait

Whitethorn, CA USA

6. How I Pamper My Cats

This is what I do….

Fresh water multiple times a day

Clean litter boxes

Keep indoors

Toy box (filled with fun and safe cat toys)

Brush daily (with a treat afterwards)

Window seat

Special soft blanket

Lots of love and cuddling

Just a few…Bobbie

7. Boxes and Containers

This is one way I make my cats happy. They always like to it in boxes and containers. I buy them on sale and every now and again, put them out in the living room so cats get their own. Sometimes I toss little plastic eggs from Easter time into them to play with.

Vicki F

Lynnwood, WA USA

8. Hair Control

This is how we control hair – for all bedding/sprawling/play areas, one of those red felt brushes that gets up hair, and a sturdy comb used just to remove the hair from the brush.

Long and short hair cats often have itchy ears, and most of the time it is NOT allergies, ear mites, fleas, or mosquitoes. Most of the time, the cat rolls in the bedding and gets hair in her ears. It itches, and isn’t usually visible. After they wake up, they usually want their ears brushed off. We brush, or rub down the ear with a damp cloth (small rag towels are nice). Or one of those sticky rollers. Or, using the thumb and baby finger to pull it out. You’ll quickly begin to see the clouds of hair that make the cat shake her head or paw at it, or look morose.

9. Sing them a Song

Sing your cat a song. We spoil our cats by giving them a song with each regular activity. It says somewhere that cats recognize their names better in a song form than spoken. So we have a short song (like a little kid’s tune) for dinnertime, another for brushing teeth, and another for just general hello activity. While cats understand commands, it often takes a minute before they quite see what you want. A little song makes it easier to get it quickly.

10. Keeping their Mouths Healthy

This is how we spoil our cats – we try to keep them healthy with a little tooth brushing. They like this bedtime routine, and their dental checkups have been excellent. We use dog toothpaste (they like the poultry flavor). I tell the cat we’re going to brush her teeth, and put a little squeeze of toothpaste on my forefinger. I wipe most of that bit off with my thumb, so now you have forefinger and thumb on one hand ready to go. Then I start the song, and let her lick the forefinger. About halfway thru, she knows that I’ll hold her head lightly with my left hand, and rub the toothpaste on each side of her upper gums, all the way to the back, where the glands are. Sometimes I get the rest of the mouth too, but the upper gums are the important part. Then, singing the rest of the song let her lick the rest off the thumb. It doesn’t make sense to give them food after brushing, but it’s nice to have a few crunchies before bedtime, and I do, and it hasn’t affected their checkups.


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