100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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21. Create a Cat Room

We have turned a small bedroom into a “cat room“. They eat, sleep and have their litter “swimming pool” in their special room. If we have guests or someone comes to fix anything in the house, it is easy to put them up without stressing them out. With four cats the litter boxes were quite a chore. We purchased a small plastic swimming pool and filled it with about 120 lbs of scoopable litter. it sounds extravagant, but it is really practical. The pool is easy to clean and there is room enough for everyone.

22. A Window Bench

I pamper my cat by installing a window bench in his favorite window so he can watch the lizards & birds while nodding off for a nap. I also gave him a “special” place in my closet to get away from it all. I make sure only he is allowed. If I need to retrieve him for vet visit or medicine, I wait until he comes out or try to coax him out. I never intrude on his “special” place.

Lenna Hair

United States

Deltona, Florida

23. I Give Bam CatSip

This is my cat Bam. I think you can tell from the picture how very pampered he is. One of the ways I pamper him is by giving him his favorite treat twice a day — an ounce or two of CatSip cat milk, warmed in the microwave and stirred so that it’s just the temperature of a baby’s bottle. Even in the heat of the summer, he prefers his milk warmed just a touch, so that’s what I do for my very special boy.

24. A BIG Litter Box

I spoil my Jenny by having her clumping litter boxes, both big without lids and side-by-side inside the bathroom with the original Scoop Away container for eliminating waste from the litterbox. It is in the vanity section of the bathroom with the water closet barely separated from the vanity. I am in the habit of cleaning up her waste immediately. She has chosen one sandbox for the uhhh… you know from the other uhhh…you know. I’m being silly!!! But it’s true! I have further developed the habit of glancing in at her box from the bedroom whenever I pass by, which is often…the result no odor and no waste for sure in the litterboxes. Further yet, I level off the litter to perfectly flat so that at a glance I can tell whether she has used it or not. She never has to use a dirty box, never! I’ve sent a photo of Jenny leaving one of her boxes. I do think like a cat!!!

I know a lot of people would think this is perhaps going to an extreme to be this picky, but it isn’t a waste of time and nothing is too good for my Jenny! I know your other cat people will understand completely!

25. A Little Nature on TV

What I do is set the TV to Nature channel where symphonies of natural sounds orchestrate throughout the night. She loves it.


26. Share Some Morning Kisses

From the time Maddie was just a kitten I would give her butterfly kisses. Now every morning when I get out of bed she taps me every time I walk by until pick her up and we share our morning kisses. I also made sure to start bathing her when she was very little. So now its not a panick for her when it is time for a bath and groom.

Sommer and Maddie, Tuscaloosa, AL.

27. Are Really Got Pat and a Cuddle

Here are a few of the things I do to try and pamper my 2 kitties and keep them happy.

1. Giving them a good brush – Petit Verdot my DSH absolutely loves this. My Ragdoll Moloko unfortunately is less keen.

2. A really good pat for 10-15min – especially on top of the head, under the chin, front of the chest and lower back.

3. Cuddle up in bed at night.

4. I love buying them a fun gift at Christmas time. Usually a toy of some description.

Rebecca Milton

I’m from Australia – city Adelaide, State South Australia.

28. Big Comfy Chair in Front of the Window

My cat, Precious, Is the princess of the house. She has a big comfy chair, that is hers, in front of a window. Right outside is a tree with a bird bell. needless to say she spends most of the day there. When the bell is gone, she actually comes to tell me it’s time for another one. All she is missing is her crown.

Barbara Lynch

Mesa, AZ


29. Hide their Favorite Treats

My name is Brittany Langlois, from Ontario, Canada. I have 6 kitties, and lots of fun ways to spoil them!

1. When you have to leave the cats alone for a substantial amount of time, hide their favorite treats around the house (under chairs, on ledges, etc.) This way they will keep finding surprises while you’re gone, keeping them happy and preventing boredom!

2. For those hot summer days, make beef or chicken stock ice cubes! Even fruit juice ice cubes are a favorite with my guys. (Note: Put these in a bowl, or feed outside, as they can be messy!)

3. Leash train your cat(s) (easier to do if you start when they’re young). They deserve to get out of the house just like dogs! Wouldn’t you get bored and depressed inside the same 4 walls your whole life?

4. Take kitty on many outings. For walks, to grandma’s house,not just to the vet. And make playdates for kitty! Bring her over to play with your friend’s cats.

5. Make a homemade kitty jungle gym. Use boxes, scrap wood, scrap bits of carpet, etc. It won’t hurt your pocket book, and kitty will LOVE it! Make sure to include lots of exploratory holes, lots of ledges up high for them to sleep on, etc. Imagination!

6.If you own your house, and are handy and adventurous, build shelves high up on the walls for kitty to walk on. Some people make special kitty passages all throughout the house! It doesn’t have to be an eyesore either. Making the shelves decorative can be quite a nice touch to the house!

30. A Stroller

Sophie a 2 year old manx at who loves to ride in her stroller.


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