100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

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30. Her Own Bathroom

Another kitty spoiler….my Robbie kitty has her own bathroom. In an apartment it can be difficult to find a place for kitty’s litter box that is not visible to visitors, away from central traffic and private for the cat. I converted one of the broom closets to her own private bathroom, complete with a mat and two separate litter boxes. We keep the door closed but not latched, so she can use her paw to open it, do her business and rejoin the family afterward. She loves it!!!


31. Her Own Special Basket

In response to your request for “ways to pamper a cat” I have attached a picture showing the way in which my family pampers our 4 year old cat, Daizee-Mae. She has her own special basket that she’s had since she was a kitten, and, even though she has outgrown it, she still manages to “pour” herself into it with some body parts sometimes sticking out! She always looks so comfortable, though! We move the basket around into the sunshine for her, and early in the morning, we set it by our patio door in the sunshine and throw peanuts out on the deck for the birds, chipmunks and squirrels, and Daizee-Mae is entertained for several hours while resting in her basket watching through the patio door all the wildlife coming for peanuts!! A cat’s delight!!

She also comes into the bathroom every morning as soon as she hears me running the blow dryer to dry my hair … I have to make sure Daizee-Mae gets blow-dried too! (on the cool setting, of course) She loves it! She jumps right up on the bathroom vanity and waits for me to groom her! We call it her “spa time”!


Mrs. Janet Hodder

Newcastle, Ontario Canada

32. Playtime in the Bathtub

I spoil my cat by letting him play in the bath tub with just a little water running. Kind of like a drip. He started out as a kitten playing with the water running from the faucets so I would let him play as I cleaned etc.. Now he jumps into the tub and meows to tell me he want’s the water on. As you can guess he is not afraid of water so bathing him is really a pleasure ! He also drops his ball in his drinking water and then brings it to me to throw for him. We do this several times a night. It’s good exercise for him and fun too.

Lee T.

33. Lots of Kitty Beds

Lots of kitty beds, carpeted shelves on the wall, lots of cat trees and the best food you can buy.

Dinky is my 13 year old deaf cat. He was a flea ridden parking lot rescue when he was just weeks old. With deaf cats you have to get into the visual play, he loves a laser toy.

Denise Yantis

Conrad, Iowa

34. Fresh Air

Build them a cat run out the window. All cats LOVE to be outside, but its a dangerous world! This gives them fresh air while feeling like they’re outside you know they aren’t!

Its basically a screened in cat porch. You can have them with different levels, etc. Made from wood and screen. I have also seen some included lining areas and runs with carpet or have a scratching area. You can make it on the outside of common height window and when you don’t want any of them out, then you close the window!

I have seen four happy cats in these at once.

Another suggestion, growing catnip or catmint in your garden and bring them in a fresh sprig every day. They love that!


Crystal – Ontario. CANADA

35. Sources of Amusement

We strongly believe in keeping our cats indoors. Obviously, they need sources of amusement. My husband agreed to install one of those windows in our kitchen – the type you are supposed to put plants in…only we put cats in them. Our little fur people can sit in the window, totally protected, and watch the world. The birds are safe outdoors, and the cats enjoy the view from indoors. The window is large enough for the odd afternoon nap or stretch and if they are so inclined, they can see the sky by looking through the top of the window. And it only took my husband and his friend a whole day to install the window!!!

There was a slight bit of frustration in getting the window fitted in properly and since the window would not hold plants but our special guys instead, they needed to make sure it was very reinforced. But several not so well chosen adjectives later, the window was fitted and the cats have been enjoying it for years..no matter what

the weather or the time of day.

And if there is nothing especially amusing going on on the outside of the window, they roll over and face the inside of the kitchen and watch whatever job I am up to. And that was one of the ways we came up with to give them a treat. After all, I could never make up for all they give to me.


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