2 Cats Having a Conversation – Cute Video

Somebody asked me Dr. Debra "Can cats talk?"

I said, "Well, all cats have a voice but some are more vocal than others. Orientals are the quintessential loud mouths; they unabashedly voice their concerns in their own unique way using characteristic deep, loud throaty meows. Persians and Maine coons are generally much less vocal."

"No, Dr. Debra cats really talk… like humans do?"

Of course not. That is crazy!

And then I saw this very funny video of 2 cats having a conversation! If you want to start your weekend with a smile, then take a minute to see this very cute video of 2 cats "talking". Go to: https://petplace.uat.petpartners.com/cat-videos.aspx?p=19

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Debra