2 Cats Having a Conversation – Top Video of the Year!

Somebody asked me, "Dr. Debra, can cats talk?"

So I answered, "Well, all cats have a voice but some are more vocal than others. Orientals are the quintessential loud mouths; they unabashedly voice their concerns in their own unique way using characteristic deep, loud throaty meows. Persians and Maine coons are generally much less vocal."

"No, Dr. Debra – do cats REALLY talk… like humans do?"

Of course not. That is just crazy!

And then I saw this very funny video of 2 cats having a conversation! This is sure to make you smile!

Here are the cats Chatting – followed by the translation. Check out both!

Cats Talking Video

2 Cats Talking

Cat to Cat Version

Next listen to the translation of the conversation:

Talking Cat Translation

Interpretation of 2 Cats Talking

Interpretation of Cat to Cat Version

I hope you love this as much as i do!