2014 – 2015 Cat Horoscopes – What’s In Store for Your Feline Leo

Welcome to the months of fall 2014 into winter and 2015 for your LEO feline. Check out the four seasons that promise change and bonding for humans and their cat(s). As this year heads into autumn full of holidays and novelty it may be both exciting and challenging for you and your cat.


SYMBOL: The Lion

In 2014, Lion pets like Crab critters will be grabbing the spotlight. Thanks to the October two eclipses cats born in July and August may be upstaged by Mother Nature but will snag the attention. During the rest of the year and into 2015, don’t neglect your fire sign cat because it may be giving cues to stress with novelty. Lion felines are brave and if nature goes awry you can count on your feline to be there in the nick of time. So be alert during the lunar cycles and if Felix acts differently it may be a head’s up.


Fall: This season you get what you want whether you flaunt your charm or not. So, whatever it is that you’ve been craving it’s time to collect what’s yours. And it’s time for the season to have your wish(s) is going to come true. September should be smooth sailing. October may have some turbulence, especially during the Full Moon on October 8 right after the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde begins.

Winter: Before spring arrives, January and February are the months to begin to get your cat in tip top health shape. That means, your cat’s diet and exercise routine may undergo some changes for the best results. Go with it despite your feline’s rebellion or begging spells-it’s for your cat’s good health’s sake and well-being.

Spring: Come March is when you’ll see results of your cat’s transformation. In fact, it’s the perfect time for both of you to team up and exercise indoors and/or outdoors. The first day of spring hits on March 20-beginning a new you and your cat. By working out together April and May will be good months for both of you and take you two into the next season as workout warriors ready to play hard.

Summer: On June 21 the first day of the new season is a pleasant welcome. You cat will enjoy the outdoors as you will. Leo felines can be extroverted socialites and it’s up to you to find cats and humans for socialization. This is the time to get physical and enjoy nature and your feline will become more active, too. Sure, at home moments can be fun but for an energetic fire sign it’s the season for action-oriented activities.

We hope you enjoyed these cat horoscopes!