29 Ways to Spoil Your Cat…

A few days ago I asked for your help with a special project. I wanted to create a new article called "100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat". This article would contain a collection of tips and ideas from cat lovers all over the world on the things they do to make their kitty comfy.

The response has been FANTASTIC!

We have received many great tips and ideas – my Petplace readers truly know how to spoil their kitties.

Examples of pampering tips we received include:

1. A Big Comfy Chair

My cat, Precious, Is the princess of the house. She has a big comfy chair that is hers, in front of a window. Right outside is a tree with a bird bell. Needless to say she spends most of the day there. When the bell is gone, she actually comes to tell me it's time for another one. All she is missing is her crown.

2. Sing them a Song

Sing your cat a song. We spoil our cats by giving them a song with each regular activity. It says somewhere that cats recognize their names better in a song form than spoken. So we have a short song (like a little kid's tune) for dinnertime, another for brushing teeth, and another for just general hello activity. While cats understand commands, it often takes a minute before they quite see what you want. A little song makes it easier to get it quickly.

3. Give Them CatSip

This is my cat Bam. One of the ways I pamper him is by giving him his favorite treat twice a day – an ounce or two of CatSip cat milk, warmed in the microwave and stirred so that it's just the temperature of a baby's bottle. Even in the heat of the summer, he prefers his milk warmed just a touch, so that's what I do for my very special boy.

We have posted 29 of your suggestions on the site. They are all very good.

To see the full list go to: Ways to Spoil Your Cat

We are not done yet! We need your help to create the best list of "100 Ways to Spoil Your Cat". So please send me your pampering tips and suggestions to editors@petplace.com. Please include a picture of your kitty if you can, but if not, just tell me how you pamper you kitty and keep her "comfy" and happy (please include your name, country, city and state as we want to post the name of the person along with the "pampering tip").

Thanks for your help with this project. This is a lot of fun!

Until next time.

Dr. Debra