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30 Signs You Are Truly Cat Crazy

What type of cat person are you?

Cat ownership is hardly a one-size-fits-all lifestyle choice. Like our unpredictable feline friends themselves, their owners range from accepting to idolizing of this human-pet bond.

Many cat owners enjoy the company of a household feline or two without ever having their affection translate to full-blown adoration. Their Maine Coon or Persian represents a part of their existence, yet never approaches the point of dominating their day-to-day life, nor serving to define them as people.

Others, however, take feline fanaticism to new heights. These kitty pioneers have rewritten the rulebook on what it means to raise and love a cat. Their felines occupy a center place in their universe and often become synonymous with the owner’s identity. Such feline fanciers have given rise to terminology like “cat lady,” food with “fancy” in the name, and tree-shaped enrichment furniture that occupies half of a living room.

Have you taken your cat love well beyond the reasonable boundaries of the average owner? Does your fondness for felines qualify you for membership in this elite club of ultra-enthusiasts? Here are 30 signs you’ve entered the realm of cat craziness:

Tier 1: Somewhat Cat Crazy

  1. Your clothes and furniture are constantly covered in cat fur.
  2. You’ve made trips to the craft store solely so that your cat doesn’t run out of yarn.
  3. You hold on to old boxes because your cat loves to hide in them.
  4. No household surface, including kitchen countertops, is off-limits to your cat.
  5. You have a social media account dedicated to your cat.
  6. Your favorite cartoon characters are Garfield and Sylvester.
  7. You have more than five nicknames for your cat.
  8. You’ve taken your cat on family vacations.
  9. Words like “purr-fect” and cat idioms like “the cat’s meow” are part of your regular vocabulary.
  10. You prefer staying home with your cat to a night out on the town.

Tier 2: Mostly Cat Crazy

  1. You’ll sacrifice a good night’s rest to let your cat share your bed.
  2. The leash hanging by your front door is actually for walking your cat.
  3. You installed a cat door for your feline to explore the backyard as he pleases.
  4. Friends have to remind you that they’ve “already heard that story” about your cat.
  5. You celebrate your feline’s birthday by throwing a party.
  6. You’ve broken up with a significant other because that person didn’t like your cat.
  7. Your wardrobe is themed in feline apparel.
  8. You have more than three pieces of cat-related artwork in your home.
  9. The fire department has visited your home to rescue your cat.
  10. You’ve dressed as your cat for Halloween.

Tier 3: Completely Cat Crazy

  1. Your cat accompanies you to tour homes when you’re preparing to move.
  2. Cat fashion shows are a weekly occurrence in your household.
  3. You’ve taught your cat to use the toilet.
  4. You skip meals in order to be able to afford premium-brand cat food.
  5. A cat tree consumes more than 30 percent of any room within your home.
  6. You purchased a laptop to serve as a feline scratching post.
  7. You have more than five cats living under your roof.
  8. You secretly write and sing songs about your cat.
  9. Rather than you owning your cat, your cat owns you.
  10. You can’t sleep without the sound of purring next to you.