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5 Christmas Gifts Your Cat Will Love Fur-Ever

If you’re like most cat lovers, you want to include your cat in everything. Your cat is a part of your family, so of course you’re going to include her in your Christmas morning celebration! Christmas gifts for cats are the perfect way to help your kitty feel included in the big day.

Do you know what’s on your feline friend’s wish list? Whether your cat loves to lounge or play, we’ve got the perfect ideas for every kitty this Christmas.

Putting Christmas gifts for your cats under the tree will let your cats enjoy a fun treat and also time spent with the family. It could even provide a good distraction while everyone is opening their gifts.

If you have to keep gifts hidden in a secret place, you might want to do the same thing with your Christmas gifts for your cats. If you’re giving treats, especially ones with a strong scent, keep them up and away where your cat can’t get into them before the special day. Tuck them into a high cabinet so even the sneakiest tricksters will have to wait until Christmas morning to open their presents.

If you take the moment to stuff a stocking for your cat, she’ll appreciate it. Your cat will love being included in the excitement of Christmas morning, and it’s always fun to see your cat get excited over a new toy. Show your cat you care this Christmas with a special gift you picked out just for her, and it will help you bond and could even become a new holiday tradition.

Having your cat be a part of the Christmas morning celebration will make this year’s holiday one to remember. If you’re starting to feel the stress of holiday shopping, we’ve picked our favorite gifts to make gift shopping for your cat quick and easy. Check out our favorite Christmas gifts for cats to make sure you’re prepared for the holidays!

These Purr-Fect Christmas Gifts for Cats Will Make the Holidays Special

1. Cat Charmer

The Cat Charmer from Cat Dancer is the perfect Christmas gift for any cat. This classic toy will keep your feline friend entertained for hours. Make your cat a happy cat this Christmas with the perfect toy that will get her moving every day. Is your cat a little lazy? The Cat Dancer will draw the attention of even the most sedentary cats. Built to last, this toy will help your cat get the aerobic activity she needs. The Cat Dancer will quickly become her favorite new toy, and a great way to bond.

2. Cat Trees

Looking to set your cat up with something special this Christmas? Spoil your cat with a new cat tree perfect for climbing, scratching, and lounging all day long. Get one with hanging toys for added entertainment, one with a soft spot for naps, or both! Either way, your cat will love having her own personal space to satisfy all her wildcat instincts. Having a cat tree can even help with behavior problems, so not only will it de-stress your cat, but it will de-stress you as well.

3. Temptations Treats

Fill your cat’s stocking with treats this Christmas and you’ll have the happiest cat on the block. Temptations Treats has many different flavors to choose from, so you can pick your cat’s favorite or get her a variety of new snacks to try. While everyone’s enjoying their Christmas candy, your cat can join in on the fun with new treats picked just for her. Treats are a great, quick and easy Christmas gift for cats, and they’re a great catalyst to help you bond with your favorite kitty.

4. Comfy Cat Beds

Give your cat a snuggly place to rest for an afternoon cat nap with an awesome cat bed just for her. Think about where your cat likes to sleep around the house and try and find a bed that matches it. Your cat will love the new place to snooze and it’ll keep her out of your laundry basket. There are even heated beds to give your cat that fresh out of the dryer feeling. Just make sure you put your kitty’s gift in a good spot so they don’t end up sleeping somewhere else in the house.

5. Cat Grass

Cats go crazy for cat grass. Including this in your Christmas gifts for your cats will help them have the best holiday celebration ever. You can get seeds and grow cat grass yourself for a more personal touch, or there are containers of catnip you can buy that will bring just as much joy. There’s even catnip mist you can spray to give your cat a boost of energy. If your cat has never experienced catnip or cat grass before, you’re in for a treat. Let your cat go a little crazy on Christmas with the perfect gift for your feline friend.