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8 Wonderful Holiday Traditions to Share with Your Cat

Do you have favorite holiday traditions you celebrate with your cats? Many of us do. Cats are an important part of our families and many of us include our cats in our holiday plans. In some cases, their cats are an integral part of the holiday.

I’d like to share some holiday traditions with you and even learn about some of your favorite tradition so that we can share them with other cat lovers that are developing their own traditions.

1.Hang Cat Stockings. Why not? If you have a stocking – your cats should too. Many of the cat lovers I know have stocking for each of their cats that are proudly displayed in their homes. Most pet stores sell some adorable designs.

2.Go See Santa. How about a photo of your cats or you and your cats with Santa? This also makes a great holiday card. This works with cats that do well with going out.

3.Blessing of the Animals. Find out if there is a local event in your area. Check your local paper or pet store bulletin board.

4.Make Some Cat Treats. Make some cat treats and allow your cat to be the helper and master sampler. Make extra for your cats friend or your friend’s cats.

5.Quiet Time. Spend a little quiet time with your cat. Even an evening when you decorate the tree or just listen to some holiday music is often a welcome time for you and your cat.

6.Bandana. Some cats like to be dressed (most don’t) but most will tolerate a simple holiday bandana. How about dressing your cat up with a special holiday-themed bandana.

7.Plan Something Special From Your Cat. A very sweet tradition for many pet owners is to do something nice for people that are nice to your cat. That may be send a special card or buy a small gift from the cats.

8.A Little Eggnog. Maybe you can enjoy some wonderful holiday eggnog and you can treat your cat to some cat-approved creamer. There are different manufactures of products such as “CatSip”.

And don’t forget to put a little something from Santa for your cat under the tree or in his stocking.

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