A Blessed Siamese!

They say cats have nine lives and anyone that has adopted a kitty would probably agree. Rescued cats seem to come from the most amazing situations, intact and ready to love whole-heartedly again. Some rescue stories of course, are more amazing than others. I just read the funniest story that could easily have been a tragedy, but instead is a story of one blessed cat.

Jim Bushey of Lauderhill, Florida tells the most amazing story of one lucky Siamese cat. As a 7-week-old kitten she was found traversing a six lane highway. She wasn’t just calmly walking down the side of the highway, however, she was playing chicken with the cars and the kitten was winning. Cars were swerving to miss the agile kitty and nearly getting into accidents. As this continued to go on, the lucky cat unscathed, the highway patrol decided they needed to put a stop to the cat before someone got hurt.

Blocking off all six lanes of the highway, the officers sprang into action. They managed to chase down the little cat and when safely in their grasp, released the traffic back on to the obstacle free highway. The kitten was no worse for wear.

When the Busheys received their new little bundle of joy, they were uncertain what to name her. Looking in a baby book they found the name, “Sachi”, Japanese for lucky or blessed. It seemed a perfect name for the amazing little cat. Considering that according to legend, for generations the kings of Siam kept Siamese cats in the royal palace, “blessed” is probably more than appropriate. Siamese were considered worthy companions for Siam’s royalty and religious leaders and looking at Sachi’s history, it seems that some are blessed by the gods as well!

If you are looking for a new cat, don’t forget to check out shelters and rescues. Chances are the perfect new friend is waiting there for you and just might have an amazing story to share.

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