A Cat Picks Her New Home

We've all heard stories about folks looking to adopt a new kitty and finding that the cat that comes home with them has chosen them. Given the opportunity, many cats will approach individuals to whom they feel some sort of affinity. This a great way to figure out which cat would really like to go home with you.

I just heard a story about one cat that went above and beyond. Not only did he choose his new home, but he demanded it and scorned all others. Patty Binkis in Xenia, Ohio wrote of the fickle Cicero who abandoned his real home and came to live with her.

Patty is a home care nurse and makes once a month supervisory visits to clients' and patients' homes. This was how she met Cicero. At her first visit to one home she hadn't been there but ten minutes when a beautiful Tonkinese bounded down the stairs to join her on the couch. He rubbed up against her and meowed, making her laugh. "What a nice friendly cat," she mused. The matriarch of the home spat, "that is not a nice cat." Patty didn't argue with her and finished her visit.
A month later Patty visits again and has the same reception from the cat. Again she says, "He is so friendly" and again the matriarch replies, "No, he's not a friendly cat." So Patty finished up her business, but with the cat at her side all the while. The next visit was the same. Patty cannot believe how friendly he is, but the family tells her that this simply isn't the case. They never even see the cat unless Patty is there.

After six months of this, Patty arrives and found the whole family is there. The matriarch called out, "the nurse is here" and everyone gathered. Patty took her normal place and sure enough, Cicero came bounding down the stairs to greet her. The family was stunned and began to tell stories of what an unfriendly cat this was.
As the conversation continued, Patty realized that these folks were going to get rid of this cat. They had been willing to accept his aloof unfriendly nature, but seeing him come to cuddle Patty was the final straw. So on her way out Patty offered nonchalantly to take him if he ever needed a home. Two weeks later she got a phone call and took him home.

Cicero is now Patty's constant friend. He will even stay outside with her in the rain while she works in the garden until she is ready to go inside. Some cats just know who they should belong to and tell the world. Lucky for Patty, Cicero was just that kind of cat!