A Day in the Life of a Pet Detective

Have you ever wondered how a pet detective spends their day? Could there possibly be enough pet related mystery and mayhem to keep them busy? You might be surprised to see that a day in the life of a pet detective is generally quite versatile. From criminal investigation to lost and found searches, pet detectives are finding themselves busier and busier.

What is a pet detective?

Just like traditional private detectives, pet detectives are independent contractors that work on the request of the public. The traditional day for a pet detective is full of phone calls inquiring about prospective services. As you can imagine, a majority of these calls are in response to lost or missing pets. While most pet detectives are experts in the art of starting the search for a missing pet, their services are specially targeted toward the missing pets that routine search efforts were unsuccessful at finding.

Once the pet detective has decided to take on a case they will spend a large amount of time making phone calls and doing office based research. The best pet detectives are well connected and will know just who to contact at the local animal facilities and law enforcement departments to get all the relevant information to work on their cases.

Hitting the streets is often a necessary part of a pet detective's day. Whether tracking the evidence or scouring the region for witnesses, pet detective's function just like the routine private eye. Showing pictures of the pet they are in search of around the local community is a typical event for the pet detective.

Meet a pet detective.

Melody Pugh has had 10 years experience traveling the United States helping solve lost and criminal pet cases. Pugh was a police officer and then gained a private detective license to be armed for both pets and people, which she says is an advantage in criminal cases. On a daily basis Pugh receives approximately 29 calls a day. Pugh often refers to animal communicators to help find a search area. Pugh said the best part of her job is seeing the return of the pet to their owner.

When should I consider using a pet detective?

It's a sad reality that sometimes tragic or mysterious events may lend to the need for pet detectives. When strange circumstances surround a pet disappearance or injury, it may be time to consider the services of a pet detective. At this time pets are considered property and treated as such under the law. This means that a missing pet investigation is no more than a stolen goods case to the typical law enforcement department in your city or town. Considering the replacement value assigned by the court system is relatively low for a pet, the incentive for returning lost or stolen property is not especially high. This is why a pet detective dedicated to solving your pet-related case is not a bad idea.

How much will pet detective services cost?

If you are looking for the services of a pet detective, be aware that independent contractors set their own fees. The cost of may vary with the type of case, however fees comparable to private detectives in the neighborhood of $100 per hour is not uncommon. Luckily many pet detective cases are solved relatively quickly thanks to the great contacts that many pet detectives are able to call upon

If you find yourself in need of pet detective services, remember to do your homework and choose wisely. Not all detectives are created equal or will include the same services in their fee structure. Asking for references, license information and inquiring about their reputation with your local animal shelters, veterinary facilities or business associations is a good idea.