A Domestic Long-haired Cat Saved!

Almost everyone has had the experience one time or another of finding a lost kitten, hungry and dirty and needing a great deal of TLC. Anyone that has raised a few children has most certainly had this experience. The world is a tough place for a motherless kitten and children have such big hearts. I just read a really sweet story about a mother who let her two boys bring home a rescued kitten.

Jackie in St. Louis, Missouri wasn’t expecting her seven and thirteen-year old sons to bring home a kitten. They had found the little guy on the way home from school. Hearing his little hungry cries, the boys looked for him diligently and then brought him home to their mother. Jackie took one look at the scrawny cat and her sons’ pleading eyes and couldn’t say “no.”

When the family discovered the kitten was a male, Jackie decided to name the cat Meshach after the story in the bible. She told her sons the story of Sadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and how God saved them from the fiery furnace. She thought it was appropriate seeing as how her sons saved Meshach from death and an opportunity to share family beliefs.

Bringing new animals into our home is an excellent way to teach our children life lessons. Having a charitable heart and looking after animals that have come upon hard times is a wonderful example of how to live life. Hopefully Jackie also takes this opportunity to teach her sons the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

Every year thousands of kittens are born into the world with no one to take care of them. It is a tough and perhaps miserable life for a feral cat, but if we spay and neuter our pets there doesn’t have to be unwanted animals in this world! Do you have a great story about your rescued kitty? Be sure to share!

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