A Little Help from my Friends

In homes with multiple cats it seems there is always one feline at the top of the totem pole. It appears that the top cat directs the others or at the very least keeps them in line. Have you ever wondered though if all the cats in your house scheme together? This could have dangerous implications for world domination. Before you dismiss the idea though, you should keep reading. I just read a story myself that makes me wonder if the cats might be taking over sometime soon.

Blanche de Bonneval in Sao Paulo, Brazil writes about living in a multi-cat household that includes four cats ranging from eight months to two years old. There is no doubt though, that Khiya, a tortoise-shell cat is the leader. She is the queen of the house. She eats firsts. She even steps in to investigate when the other cats are nervous and then signals when all is okay. She rules her kingdom with a heavy-paw, biting or swatting any cat that gets out of line. However, all seem to get along nicely under her rule. Blanche wonders though if Khiya hasn’t got things a little TOO under control.

Last month when one her cats, Merlin developed a mastocytoma on his right thigh, he had to go into surgery. All went well, but poor Merlin returned with stitches wrapped snuggly and wearing an Elizabethan collar to keep them that way. His feline siblings were a little unsure of this cat wearing odd accessories, hissing and spitting at him. Khiya though immediately gave the odd cat a thorough inspection and realizing it was her brother settled in to groom him. The other cats followed their queen’s lead and soon accepted him back into the group.

Merlin was having a hard time with his new duds the next day though. The poor thing’s leg itched and the collar drove him crazy. Blanche noticed him staying close to Khiya and wondered if the two were conspiring. She thought perhaps she was imagining, but kept her eye on them both just the same.

Doing chores around the house, it wasn’t long before Blanche noticed Khiya rounding up the other cats. She watched the procession and after waiting a bit, followed to see what they were up to.

What she found was Merlin lying on the floor with his leg outstretched while the other three cats worked at tearing away the dressing covering his stitches. Had Khiya orchestrated this operation at Merlin’s request? Either way, Merlin had to be separated from his siblings until his stitches came out. Still Blanche better be on the look out for what the group might conspire to do next.

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