A Real Romeo

Even when it’s “love at first sight” at the shelter where you find your new friend, it’s impossible to imagine what kind of adventures are in store for the two of you. Cat crazy folks know that a life with felines is often a life of fun and surprises. I just read a lovely story about a cat that has taken his companion on plenty of adventures.

Margaret Vilcheck in Pennsylvania writes about the cat that chose her and the adventures that he has taken her on. She knew he was the right second cat for her home when she met him and immediately agreed to take him home. She decided to name him Romeo because he was the most loving cat she had ever met. What she didn’t know was the he also had a penchant for getting himself into trouble.

Romeo just seems to get himself into one jam after another. After being home for a few months, Romeo disappeared. Despite Margaret’s desperate search for him, he didn’t return for six days. On arrival he seemed hungry, but no worse for wear. It wasn’t long before Margaret discovered what had caused the kitty’s disappearance. He had excellent tree climbing skills, but his bravery failed him when it came to climbing down. Romeo managed to get himself stuck in a tree more than once.

Romeo remains affectionate and a true friend to Margaret, but he is still getting into trouble even after five years. Upon introduction to her son’s visiting dog, Romeo had another misadventure. The friendly pooch just wanted a quick sniff, but Romeo wouldn’t have any of it. He took off running at break-neck speed. When Margaret caught up with him later, she found him unable to walk. He had been so determined to get away from the sniffing dog that he had torn and detached ligaments in his rear leg. Two weeks later he had to have surgery and has been five weeks on the mend.

Margaret says that despite Romeo’s misadventures, she adores him because he lives up to his name. He is still the sweetest cat she has ever met.

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