A Reluctant Soul Connection

It’s amazing, but not everyone is a cat lover. Cats have so many wonderful traits that it’s hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to connect with a furry purring playful friend. To each his own I suppose, but sometimes cats don’t look at it that way. Sometimes cats are certain that they can change your mind and make a cat lover out of you. I just read a wonderful story about a cat that did just that.

Claire Luna-Pinsker in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania tells the story of the cat she didn’t want. It wasn’t anything against this cat in particular; it was just that she had never really been a big feline fan. She thought that cats were sneaky, hair shedding, furniture shredding, mice killing fur balls. Not to mention that having a cat stare you down in that way they have gave Claire the chills.

However, Claire’s husband loved cats and wanted a cat desperately. Claire went along with his request because she loved him, but reluctantly. In fact when they went to the shelter to look for an addition to their home, Claire was secretly hoping they would come home empty-handed. That wasn’t in the cards, however.

Although there were no kittens when they arrived, a calico kitten miraculously appeared and before Claire could think too hard about it, they were on their way home. That first night the kitten, who they named Elvis, chose Claire’s pillow to sleep on, nestled into the top of her head, much to Claire’s dismay. In fact the cat decided that this was the appropriate permanent spot to sleep at night and also began following Claire wherever she went. Clair still wasn’t convinced.

Elvis made it his job to convince her. He never relented in his constant affection for her and even protected her from strangers he perceived as threatening as he got older. If this wasn’t enough to cement their friendship, Elvis made their connection even more obvious. Whenever Claire was ill, Elvis seemed to develop sympathetic injuries including an abdominal infection and a limp. It took a lot of feline persistence, but Elvis did it. He won Claire’s heart.

Do you have a cat that changed you into a feline fan? Be sure to share your story with us!

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