A Tailless Child

Every cat is different. It isn't just their coloration or shape. It's their personality and preferences and the way they choose to interact with us. This is one of the reasons that having just one cat never seems to be enough. Every cat is a wonderfully new amalgamation of feline traits and characteristics. I love hearing stories about wonderful cats because no story is ever quite the same.

I just read one such story from a man that has fallen in love a special and very unique cat. Stephen Austin in New Port Richey, Florida writes about a cat that his is thrilled has come into his life and become a part of his family.

Stephen received a call from his wife on a rainy day asking him to go get some kittens she had read were free. She was looking for additions to the family and was particularly interested in these two because one of the cats did not have a tail. The Austins had never seen a cat without a tail before. That thought perhaps it was a birth defect, but imagined the cat would look different.

It took some time to get to the place where the kittens lived. Stephen didn't have air conditioning in his car at the time and this made for difficult driving in Florida. The windows fogged up in the humidity and he had trouble seeing through the windshield. It took two full hours to find the place he was looking for and he arrived a little bit grumpy.

Stephen says he has never been a cat person, but that changed when he walked into the house with the Chiquita banana box for transporting his friends. He spotted Blackie, a beautiful slender cat that was all attention grabbing attitude. Then he spied No-Tail, a cat that looked like a rabbit without the long ears. She was obviously the shy one, hiding beneath the couch.

It took some time in her new home to overcome her shyness, but soon No-Tail reached out to Stephen. She got up the courage to come out of hiding and approached him slowly. When she finally rubbed her head against his chin, it was the beginning of a blossoming friendship.

Stephen says that, "Every day now No-Tail has a specific unique meow for me and we have a routine where we both rub our heads to gather for at least 10 minutes a day. I have never seen a pet as anything else but a pet, but I know now that No-Tail is my daughter and I am her father. We have a unique relationship which I would not want to trade for anything. I love my No-Tail." It sounds like a very unique and special cat has found a wonderful home and great relationship!