Abandoned Cat Survives 9/11

There is nothing better than a Cinderella story. We love a good tail where the heroine finds her place in the world, rising about tough times and a low station in life. Perhaps that's why we love to hear a good adoption story with a happy ending. I thought I would share one such story that came through the email at PetPlace.com.

Elle T. in New York, New York writes about a cat that beat the odds and brought great joy to her home. When she saw the beautiful two-story brownstone in Manhattan's Greenwich Village she took to it right away. She knew she had to live there. She didn't know however, that the apartment came with a little something extra. It had a brick façade, two fireplaces and an abandoned cat.

The cat wasn't exactly ready to win any beauty contest, or congeniality contests for that matter. He was dirty and unfriendly with people. He had fleas, huge bald spots all over his body and he couldn't walk straight or jump. He also made heavy wheezing sounds when he breathed and was horribly obese.

The person showing the apartment assured Elle that this cat named Marcello would soon be picked up by the owners and put down at the local pound. Elle was horrified. She insisted that she wanted the apartment and the cat too!

Elle took the poor guy to the vet who was shocked at his condition. He had pulled out his hair due to nervous anxiety and had a respiratory infection. Both were attributed to the recent events of 9/11. He had also suffered four broken paws which had never been treated and had not healed correctly.

It took months of love and care, but Marcello healed. First got better physically and then his heart began to heal as well. Today he's a fully furred cat, happy in his home. Elle writes that she has had six wonderful years with him and he even made room on the bed for her husband.

Petplace Staff

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