Are You CAT Crazy?

Are you crazy about your cat? Would you go so far as to describe yourself as Cat Crazy?

Cat Crazy owners do all kinds of things that show everyone how much they care about their cats! They tend to do things that comfort, are fun and increase the human-cat bond.

Take our Cat Crazy quiz and find out if you are truly Cat Crazy! Each of the following questions is worth 2 points.

1. Do you call your cat from work or when you are not at home?

2. Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday?

3. Have you ever given your cat a birthday party?

4. Do you cook or make homemade treats for your cat?

5. Do you kiss your cat? (On the lips – 2 bonus points)

6. Do you hug your cat?

7. Do you dress your cat with a special collar or fancy bandana?

8. Do you wear cat related shirts, hats or sweaters that tell people that you are a cat owner?

9. Do you include your cat in festivities at your home such as parties, family get together (or is he locked away?)

10. Do you dress your cat for the holidays (e.g. with a fancy collar or Santa suit)

11. Do you buy gifts for your cat?

12. Do you talk to your cat? (If you answer for them – 2 bonus points)

13. Does your cat sleep in the bed with you?

14. Do you have more than one cat?

15. Do you have special cat furniture e.g. cat beds?

16. If you board your cat, does your cat get the special room with the TV or any other special cat crazy features?

17. Does your cat get special grooming rituals? (Such as special shampoos or nail polish)?

18. Do you brush your cat’s teeth?

19. Do you give your cat treats more than once per day?

20. Do you carry a photo of your cat with you or do you have a photo of your cat on your desk?

21. Does your cat have a “nickname” like Doodle bug (when her name is really Pepper) or Bunky Boy (when is name is really Sammy)

22. Does your cat have his or her own stocking and gifts under the Christmas tree?

23. Do you worry about cat safety by carefully watching what you plant in your garden or plants you bring into your home?

24. Does the plant life in your home include catnip or cat grass?

25. Is a form of decor in your home the cat tree?

26. Do you always keep cat treats in your home?

27. Does your cat have health insurance?

28. Do you have arrangements in your will for you cat?

29. You have been known to take your cat out in a cat stroller?

30. Your friends threw you a shower when you got your kitten.

31. You’ve called off work because your cat is ill.

32. You know that spending quality time with your cat everyday is a priority.

Give yourself 2 points for each of the above questions. Calculate your total and … how Cat Crazy you are


50 – 68 points – you are not only CatCrazy but also you qualify as a CatCrazy NUT! (In a very good way) You love you cat a lot and he is very lucky to have someone that cares so much!

35 – 49 points – You are CatCrazy! You love your cat and spend time bonding with your cat. Great job!

20 – 34 points – You love your cat very much and you get a star for being crazy about your cat. You could bump it up a notch and get matching outfits!

0 – 19 points – You care about your cat, love your cat but are not considered totally over-the-top CatCrazy. Your friends and relatives probably would describe you as loving your cat but not a NUT! J