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Best Recipe for Litter Pan Cake – also called Litter Box Cake |Kitty Litter Cake

Recipe for “Litter Pan Cake” – also called Kitty Litter Cake

This recipe is just plain fun. It is called Kitty Litter Cake, Litter Pan Cake, Litter Box cake and Litterbox cake.

Not only is it fun – it is also very tastey.

It is great for kids but even better for the crazy cat lady (or man) in your life!

I’ve made this for a few parties and it has always been a hit!

Shop ahead. I just picked up a inexpensive new litter box and scoop from my local dollar store.

Here is What You Will Need for Kitty Litter Box Cake

Serving Dishes & Utensils



When you are done, the litter bag the cake is in makes for easy storage or disposal!

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We hope you enjoy this recipe for kitty litter box cake!