Birthday Party for Kitties

Perhaps you can't imagine your favorite feline as a party animal, but that's no reason not to celebrate her birthday. A tremendous number of pet crazy people host pet birthday parties.

You've probably heard of dog parties, but why leave out our feline friends? They deserve to be celebrated as well.

Take for example Boots and Marjorie Church in Tucson, Arizona who have thrown some of the biggest birthday bashes a cat ever had, with as many as 250 guests. These elaborate affairs included programs, cakes made to order and formal invitations. One year, the Clinton kitty, Socks, declined attending graciously by sending a telegram with his warmest wishes. Although Boots probably would have enjoyed meeting this famous feline, the real purpose of his parties was to support a worth cause. He used his April 9 birthday as a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Arizona.

Bringing together a bunch of cats at a party may not be ideal, but that doesn't mean that human cat lovers can't get together to celebrate the life of a wonderful cat. And why not make your party a little fundraiser for a good cause? Be sure there are treats for the celebrated cat and party favors for attendees to take home to their own feline friends. Then make sure you have devised some cat themed games for partygoers. Maybe pin the tail on the mouse? Have each attendee draw the name of a breed of cat out of a hat which is pinned to their back. Have them ask three questions of each partygoer to try and guess what breed of cat they are. Attendees can bring donations instead of presents and at the end all proceeds can go to your favorite rescue.

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