Bitty: The Queen of Feline Espionage

Ask any cat lover and they will tell you that the feline mind works just as well, if not better than the canine mind. Cats have more smarts than we often think. It isn't that cats act stupid. It's that they tend to keep the workings of their mind to themselves. There is no need to show off. Cats know they are smarter than the dog and are pretty sure they are smarter than you too. Perhaps that's why they are so good at the occasional trickery.

Klaron Grigsby in Fort Lauderdale, Florida writes about her cat, Bitty who taught her just how smart a cat can be. Klaron knew that Bitty was an exceptional cat when she was very young. A beautiful silver tabby, Bitty's intelligence was obvious at an early age. Even the vet remarked on how cognizant she was stating, "She is almost sentient, like a human living in there."

Klaron explains the depth of Bitty's intelligence by telling a story about a period in Bitty's life when she was forced to take medication. At least, Klaron thought the cat was being agreeable to the medicating, but Bitty had different ideas about the whole ordeal. Every morning Klaron would open Bitty's mouth and place a pill on Bitty's tongue. Then she would stroke her throat to get the cat to swallow it. The cat was very calm about the whole ordeal, taking her pill every morning.

While vacuuming one day, Klaron discovered that he cat hadn't been politely acquiescing at all. She moved a large chest of drawers and discovered a new row of one week's worth of pills, spaced two inches apart, right where Bitty had left them. Clever cat! She must have help them on her tongue long enough to be convincing and then spit them out, pushing them into their hiding place with her paw. Klaron brought her to the spot to show that she had caught the Bitty in her little game of cat and mouse. The jig was up.

Pill dispensing commenced again that day and continued for another week. A month later another neat row of pills were found in another hiding place. This time it was in a spot where no vacuuming was possible. Could it be that Bitty was clever enough to choose a spot that vacuuming wouldn't uncover? Klaron thinks so. Klaron knows however that from now on Bitty will be getting any medication in liquid form.