Cat Toys: Results of Owner Survey On favorite Cat Toys

Cat Toys: Results of Owner Survey On favorite Cat Toys

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We recently did a survey asking cat owners what their cats favorite toys were.

We wanted to share the results of the question – “What is your cat’s favorite toy” with you to maybe give you some new ideas for your kitty.

Remember, whatever toy you choose – make sure it is safe for your cat. Make sure it can not be eaten or swallowed. You may need to allow your cat to play in a supervised manner to ensure that he plays safe.

If you want to submit information on your cat’s favorite toy – take the survey at the link below.

What is your cats’ favorite type of toy?

Toys Response Percent
Laser pointer 10.5%
Feather flyer 13.2%
Little mouse 28.4%
Toys Response Percent
round ball 5.3%
Top of milk top ring 10.0%
Catnip toy 14.7%
Toys Response Percent
Interactive toy 5.8%
Balls 9.5%
Other 33.7%

Other toys

1.         small plastic crown shaped rings
2.         Round ball that clicks with feather on top – from Petsmart!
3.         mcdonalds lion king lion and a straw
4.         Laser leveler
5.         sparkle pom poms
6.         shoelace
7.         Yarn as I am knitting or crocheting
8.         sparkle ball
9.         furry orange or yellow mouse with “shaky little balls” noise
10.         A rainbow-colored cloth flyer
11.         Fishing pole toy
12.         Leather shoe string
13.         a small pollar bear
14.         shoe lace
15.         foil gum wrappers
16.         following and snatching plain rope
17.         his dog siblings
18.         The belt off of my robe
19.         multi-brown Boa on a flexi stick.
20.         An old square cardboard covered catface that is worn out and in pieces. He takes at least one piece of it to each room he is in.
21.         balls of wool
22.         string or anything that hangs
23.         pink glass rock from a vase
24.         plastic Halloween spider toy
25.         DA BIRD
26.         Ball of Yarn
27.         Large paper balls
28.         Q-tips and large feathers
30.         jumble disc
31.         Mad Ball
32.         leather shoe string
33.         top off of a jar of peanuts, velcro strips
35.         paper wad
36.         our socks
37.         Leather shoe laces pare tied together
38.         she loves to play with socks
39.         Plastic Pepsi bottle caps
40.         fuzzy octopus
41.         The dogs, he chases them
42.         Fishing pole-type toy with elastic string and feathers on end
43.         rubber bands, screws
44.         a green animal of some kind a bought toy
45.         little mouse hooked on a string on a fishing rod
46.         TIN FOIL BALL
47.         balled up pieces of paper
48.         Shoe box with tissue paper & wooden block
49.         flat scratching pad (like a scratching post, only flat)
50.         Plastic bags
51.         Long Leather Lace
52.         Cat Play Cubes
53.         Sparkle ball
54.         Cat Dancer
55.         Curly Q (?? little plastic curly toy)
56.         Jingle Ball
57.         fishing pole toy with feathered sequin thing on the end
58.         candy wrappers
59.         paper bag
60.         Q-tip
61.         Bird Crackler
62.         Old shoelace
63.         a red glove

What is your cat’s favorite toy?


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