Cats and More Cats! Favorite Holiday Photos of Kitties!

Here are some of our favorite holiday photos of cats! Aren't they adorable? See the slide show above!

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Here's my kitty "Rosie" a 1 ½ year old Maine Coon with her favorite Christmas hat on. She is such a people cat, it's not even funny.

Donna L. Espenhain


Our Shaded Cameo Persian cat named,"Snowball," is featured in all of our Christmas cards and photos this year. Most of our Christmas cards say, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" "Look who St. Nicholas gave us this year." "Another Shaded Cameo Persian cat named, "Snowball!"

Attached is our Holiday photo with Snowball and Paul and I this year.

H Christine Partin

Doug & Molly

Here's our Christmas card this year and the stars are willy lilly abby douglas and molly from top left to right. Doug and Molly are our newest family members , adopted last Saturday from a local MSPCA.

Meowy Christmas,

Donna Garland


This is a picture of Danny, a former foster kitty that we rescued while he was in our care. He was found wandering in a neighborhood as a stray with an infected pellet hole in his neck. After medical care, we adopted him out into the perfect home.

Submitted by June Robison, Hickory, North Carolina


Her name is Slieau Merril Bonne Blucatt who is a Manx. Bonne (pronounced "Bonnie) is looking forward to Christmas and all of the hand-made catnip toys she and her other four housemates will be receiving this year – Rascalcatt, Maggie Maecatt, Kinayacatt and Snow Babicatt.

Juette Holseth
Golden Valley, Minnesota

Aussie Kitty ready for Christmas

To hot for dressing here…lol


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