Cats & Dogs Living Together: Buddy’s Story

We pet crazy folks often have a variety of pets in our home. Animal lovers always seem to be finding room in their homes and hearts for “just one more” friend. Cats, dogs, birds, fish and children too all live together and surprisingly in harmony! I just read a really sweet story about a cat who just adores his dog friends.

Frances Murphy in Seattle, Washington tells a story about how her cat Buddy came to live in her home and why the friendly feline lives up to his name. When Frances had to move to a new home her 6-month-old Airedale, Rosie, was lonely for her best friend, a Dalmatian she played with at her old home. Thinking Rosie could use some company, Frances jumped at the chance to choose a kitten from a neighbor’s litter. She said she knew that Buddy was the right kitty for them as soon as their eyes met.

Buddy and Rosie were instant friends. That night when Buddy was put in a room separate from her to get some rest, Rosie waited outside the door all night for her new friend to come back out and play. When a new Airedale came to live with Frances, Buddy became fast friends with him as well. He even slept curled up next to his new canine companion, Mickey.

Tragically, Frances lost both of her beloved Airedales within six months of one another and Buddy was distraught. He looked everywhere from his doggy pals to no avail. Everyone desperately missed the dogs. Many months later when another Airedale joined the family, Buddy was thrilled and made fast friends. Frances loves her friendly cat, certain she wouldn’t have made it through the loss of her two Airedales without him. She says that he’s her best friend too.

Just like Buddy, other cats can be great friends to their favorite dogs, but make sure you take care in introducing new pets to the household. Not every cat will tolerate dogs and vice versa. However, if slowly introduced with supervision that may just become the best of friends! Don’t forget to share your pet crazy stories with us!

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