Celebrity Cats: Which Celebs are Cat Lovers?

Celebrities are not usually caught carrying cats around the streets of Hollywood, like their dog counterparts. However, cat ownership is plenty popular among the stars. Long haired, short haired, designer or domestic, each celebrity has their preference.

Cats and the Men Who Love Them

You might be surprised to know that some of Hollywood's famous men are cat lovers at heart. From talk show hosts to leading men, cats are quietly sharing the lives of superstars.

Divas and Cats

It's no surprise that Divas and cats go together nicely with many shared character traits. Several famous cat/diva pairings exist.

Celebrity Cats

Cat's aren't merely pets in Hollywood. Some of them are actually celebrities.

Purrfect Young Hollywood

Stars of young Hollywood have also joined the cat loving club. Kirsten Dunst, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kelly Osborne and Christina Ricci all share their home with cats.

It seems that cats are not totally outnumbered in Hollywood, but simply live a quieter lifestyle avoiding the paparazzi and staying out of the tabloids. Feline friends occupy many celebrity homes and hearts.