Charles Discovers He’s Royalty

If you are thinking of adopting a new cat there are so many reasons to choose an older feline. They may not have the high energy of a kitten, but this also means they are less likely to get into trouble or keep you up all night playing with your toes. An older cat has already seen the world and also knows what a wonderful thing a good home is to have. There is nothing more appreciate than an adopted senior. I just read a touching story that was written through the eyes of one such cat.

In Cici Behymer of Cincinnati, Ohio’s story, Charles explains what it is like to wait and hope for a home of your own. Charles grew up at the shelter where he has watched countless kittens find new homes. In the 7 years he’s been there he hopes for a home of his own, but understands why the chances of that happening are small. He is not nearly as exciting as those “bundle of joy” kittens. He is also thin with chronic nasal congestion and teeth that need removed. Then one day a woman notices him. Charles can hardly believe it when woman listens carefully to all of his ailments, but still gets out her checkbook.

In Cici’s story Charles describes the wonderful feeling of going to his first and forever home, where he is deemed “Prince” Charles and treated like royalty. His new home has friends to play with, loving owners and many windows where a patch of sunlight could be found and napped in. It was Charles’ dream come true.

Cici finishes her story with a footnote, begging big-hearted rescuers to consider a senior cat. Sure there can be some adjustment time and challenges to manage with a cat that has lived his entire life in a shelter, but Cici promises that it only makes the outcome sweeter. She and her husband asked to adopt the cat the shelter had kept the longest and haven’t regretted a moment of their time with Charles. In the words of Cici, “Please take a chance with an older cat…” You may not only change a cat’s life for the better, but your own! Have you adopted a special cat that has changed your life? Be sure to share your story with us. We would love to hear it!

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