Charlie Brings Love to Her Life

Life can be so hard sometimes. We lose friends and family, suffer through tragedy and it just doesn't seem fair. There are certain things in life that just cannot be controlled. Psychologists generally agree though that one of the most wonderful benefits of having a pet is that can be a crucial component to getting us through bad times. Sure, the can't make things better or bring back someone that we've lost. However, just having a warm and loving soul to hold on to can make all the difference in the world.

I just read a wonderful story about a woman who make it through a very sad time in her life by adopting a cat. Pat Bridges in Trappe, Maryland writes about her short-haired gray tabby-stripped cat, Charlie and all that he has brought to her life.

Pat lost her husband in June of 2006 without any warning. She felt like a light had gone out of her life and she had been left behind in the darkness, feeling her way. She wasn't sure how to get on with her life without her husband and was terribly sad. The house was too quiet and she was so very lonely.

Pat thought that perhaps bringing another warm body into her home might help and began to think about getting a pet. She thought that perhaps a dog would be too much work at such a difficult time. She imagined that a cat might be a good choice of a new friend. She jokes that a cat would surely be less hassle than a man at least.

So Pat wandered down to the local Talbot County Humane Society to see what cats might be available for adoption. She was surprised when she saw that there was a cat named Charlie. Her husband was named Charles and she thought perhaps it was a sign.

When she went to greet him, she was sure he was the right cat for her. Charlie rolled on his side, purring loudly. In the play room he put his paws on her shoulder and licked her on the chin. There was no question that this was a match made in heaven, so Pat took him home.

Charlie and Pat are now best of friends. She wonders if her husband might have sent him to her to give her a little comfort and a lot of joy. Pat says that the wonderful cat has brought some of the light back into her life and made a difficult time a bit easier to manage. She knows she isn't alone.

There are so many cats out there that need homes and sometime we need them just as much as they need us. Consider adopting if you have room in your home.

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