captain marvel cat

Did You Know Captain Marvel Has a Cat?

We Love a Good Cat Cameo

Here’s your fun fact for the day — if you’re a fan of the Avengers, you’re probably getting ready for the new Captain Marvel movie, and in the newest trailer we spotted an exciting detail — she has a cat!

For those who are fans of the Marvel comics, you might have already known about the unique feline. But now we know that Captain Marvel’s cat — Chewie in the comics, Goose in the film — will make an appearance. Fans have even spotted him as an easter egg in movie posters, which may promise that Goose will be a more than just a passing scene.

If you’re wondering, in the comics, Chewie is named after Chewbacca from Star Wars, and Goose’s name comes from a reference to Top Gun. Both versions of this cat have distinct ties to current pop culture and also provide an opportunity to give your own feline a fun homage to what’s looking to be a very exciting movie. (Not just because there’s a cat.)

Of course, we still don’t know how big a role Goose will have in the upcoming movie, but right now we do have an adorable scene of Nick Fury and Goose meeting for the first time in the trailer. His excitement toward stumbling upon a cat is something we can all relate to, because who wouldn’t be excited to see a cat in the hallway?

On the outside, Goose appears to be an orange tabby cat, but from the comics, we know that Goose isn’t actually a cat at all. Instead, he’s an alien creature called a Flerken, and they’re actually pretty terrifying. Looking like a cat is really just a disguise, and inside its mouth, a Flerken has many tentacles as well as pocket dimensions. It’s probably a good thing that Goose appears to be on Captain Marvel’s side, because it certainly doesn’t seem like a creature you’d want to have on your bad side.

Even if Goose is an alien, we’re still excited to see what his role will be in the new movie! Captain Marvel comes out in March 2019.