Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

A question was posed.

Do real men own cats? Yes or No?**

We tossed this poll out to our pet lovers and this is what we learned:

So what comments were made? Check them out.

User comments:

1. Only intelligent, aware, caring men love cats. They are a very complex, thinking animal much ,much smarter than dogs. Cats present a big challenge whereas a dog doesn’t. Men should love cats as they are like a woman. One never knows what it is thinking, but if it really wants something lets you know it. Cats are very subtle ,(and know it) in manipulating humans to get their way. I’m not sure, but I think they can also read a person’s mind.
2. Cats are cool. Cool guys like cats.
3. I totally think that men who are cat lovers are more compassionate and understanding.
4. I usually get my 4 cats evaluation of the man I want to date before I take the relationship seriously.
5. anyone with a home can appreciate the welcome home greetings of their cat(s). Indoor cats easily adapt to your schedule and are easily the lowest hassle pet going. If you need to be away for a few days its easier to get a friend to come in and feed the cat than it would be to find someone to walk the dog-a couple of times a day.
6. My husband had never been around cats as his father didn’t like them. When we married I already had 3 grown cats. A tiny kitten adopted us and my husband was hooked. We now have 13 cats.
7. Men who share their lives with cats tend to be more open, honest and adaptable.
8. Men love cats especially affectionate kitties.
9. men don’t actually own cats, cats more or less own us…
10. I’m a “real man” and I love cats. They are my best friends when the guys (and my lady counterpart) are too much to handle. Real men own cats, lazy men own dogs.
11. Men who like cats aren’t waiting for someone to ego-stroke, or serve. They appreciate equality. And some men like, and have, both cat and dog friends.
12. My husband is a former “cat hater.” After 15 years with a cat-loving woman, he actually picks up our cats, pets them, and talks to them in a high, cute voice.
13. Personally I would rather surround myself with people (men or women) that are cat lovers. I would much rather date a man that loves my cat Bella rather than would not want to be around her. I view my pets almost as if they were children, so I treat them that way even in my dating life. My personal ad would read, “Must Love soft, furry animals, namely my cat Bella” haha!
14. Men who have cats enjoy company, love freedom, elegance and cleanness–my kinda man! I have 8 cats. They are my family.
15. any man who doesn’t like cats is not worth knowing…i mean, what kind of a person would they be?
18. can’t see any reason why men would not like cats, but patience is important along with a deeper intuition
19. Real Men Love CATS!! Any man who doesn’t like cats is just insecure and a control freak – cats don’t allow people to control them or take orders for any little tidbit of food! And a REAL man shouldn’t be insecure OR a control freak!!
20. I have turned my husband into a cat lover. Growing up, he only had dogs. He thought all cats were the same. Now we have four cats, all different from the others. He wouldn’t give up any of them. He said if he won the lottery, he would start a cat sanctuary!
21. My husband just loves our three cats, in fact when offered a dog after our beloved cat passed, he said he would rather have another cat over the dog he had always wanted.
22. Indeed, I think men can love cats just as much as dogs.
23. Yes, real men like cats. My female Domestic Short Hair (6 yrs old) since we got her associates with my husband much more than she does me and he loves it! They watch sports programs together, westerns and even the news. She comes to me when she’s hungry but goes right back to him…i guess it’s cute.
24. I’m entirely certain that it takes a different type of person (this applies to both sexes) to enjoy the nurturing relationship it takes to own a kitty. There is a reason why there’s some twisted view of cats being distant and lacking affection for an owner. The people who perceive this are ignorant and it’s sad that they deprive themselves of such a tender relationship as occurs between man/woman and kitties. I believe one has to have the intellect and the maturity to reflect about why they don’t like cats. The only legitimate reason to dislike cats is if one is allergic, and that it rarely the case with people who have a passion for disliking our fluffies.
25. Men who like cats do not need slaves & adoration. This doesn’t preclude liking dogs, too. It just means a different sort of relationship.
26. I love my cat and I can assure you I’m a man.
27. Not sure about the question above! I feel that men who like cats are more compassionate and caring and understanding.
28. I too, have learned that if they do not like cats, they will not like you. I love both cats and dogs, but my last dog, a St. Bernard, is just too big for an apt.
29. I wouldn’t trust a man that my cat didn’t like. I think cats especially are very good judges of character. Once men are around cats they find them to be much more intelligent than they thought possible.
30. I have 3 stunning cats, a friend of ours doesn’t like them and believes real men don’t own cats. His opinion changed recently when an older ex-biker friend of him – very scary and very masculine was away and stated he missed his cat – our friend changed his opinion very quickly – CATS ROCK!!!
31. My man just loves our 3 cats
32. I think a man who likes cats is nicer than a man who doesn’t cos a man who doesnt like a cat is insecure and wants all the attention on him!
33. I will only date men who like/love cats because these are men who are not insecure – they know that they can be a man and still have and love a cat. Men who love cats tend to be more introspective, sensitive, and compassionate.
34. I think men care about cats but are afraid to admit it because it isn’t “manly” to like cats.
35. Only Real men like cats. Men who don’t like cats are insecure and/or phony.
36. men like cats just as much as women do
37. i totally agree once a “real man ” is introduced to cats , he can’t live without them !
38. I’m not sure by what you mean about question #1. Do you mean by name or endearments or what do you mean? I know many men who have cats – and would much rather have cats than dogs! I’m sorry doc but if these 2 questions is all there is to this survey you might as well have not even done it!!!!!!
39. I agree with the vet tech-men that love cats tend to be more gentle, kinder, and not as aggressive as men that like Pit Bulls or other ‘tough’ dogs. They don’t mind showing a softer side, whether it be with a cat or human friend.
40. I have been in a “difficult” situation where the man in my life and one of my cats did not get along. For the safety of my cat, I gave him to a friend. Once the man and I broke up I realized that I got the wrong end of the deal–I should have gotten rid of the man much sooner and kept the cat. From that point on, I have learned to trust the instincts of my cats. If the man does not like cats, he will NEVER, EVER be part of my life.

41. i think men don’t see cats as being macho, so even if they do like them most will not admit to it.
43. My 6 pack of catZ will put any man through their tests whenever one finally passes MY test and gets invited into OUR home! This will include having to deal with getting hair on his clothes; putting up with unexpected jumps into his lap; and allowing them to check out his food or drink Before he gets any! IF any of this is bothersome to him, well, it will be ‘see ya, bye’ for US!
44. My husband never owned a cat until he married me and fell in love with my then 15 year old cat. She was like my daughter. We soon after that took in a stray and he fell in love with her. 5 years later my cat who was 20 passed away and her ashes are now on my mantel, along with a shrine, he was heart broken and we miss her terribly. I can’t pass her without crying. My husband has changed his mind about cats.
45. Real men own cats. If you can relate to a cat, you can relate to any person. LOL
46. I think men who love/like cats are absolutely more caring, affectionate and loving than men who don’t.
47. My aunt once told me that if a man can come in your house and sit and pet your cat he’s probably a decent guy. My last cat could pick out a bad man in a second and I started paying attention to him and my aunt. I think they’re right. At this point in my life, I don’t think I could date a man that hated cats. If he’s indifferent then he’s probably redeemable, but if he hates them, no way. My cats are too important to me to deal with that.
48. I don’t know no. I like them both – each for what they are.
49. I think “Cat Men” are more interesing, loving and nuturing.
50. I think men who like cats are great.
51. I agree, I have two male cats that are brothers and have been together since birth. They are extremely different from one and other which is also a good point. They are both orange and white and love to play. They are extremely masculine in all they do. Clyde is bossy and loves to be fussed with. Barney is a hunter and has the patience of Job. They are super companions and are both truly a Man’s Cat. Guys should relate to the cat family if they are truly Men.
52. My husband was a “dog guy” when he moved in with me. That is until my Maine Coon, Max decided to show him the error of his thinking. We ended up getting a second MC at my husband’s urging. Max died a couple of years ago at age 19, and we now have three Maine Coons– The girl who has been with us is 16 now, and she has 18 month old “siblings” – a boy and girl. It’s very busy at our house, and my husband adores them all — just was much as I do! 🙂
53. A guy had called to ask me out, and during the conversation, he mentioned not only did he hate cats, but that on his last hunting trip, he shot a 5-point buck. I thought to myself, dude–you don’t even get strike 3–you’re out! (P.S. The answer boxes for question one don’t work with the question, but I said yes anyway.)
54. I love cats! I have always been a “dog person” but also liked cats as well. but once my wife moved in with her cat, I became a “cat person”. I still love dogs, but have a strong preferance for cats.
55. Love them both and if they can get along even better:)
56. men who like cats seem to be less possessive types.They don’t have the need to control the animal who shares their lives. That’s why I tend to agree with the woman who prefers dating men who like cats.
57. Compassionate men have cats Greater men love cats and dogs
58. I also have come to the conclusion that I will not date a man who doesn’t like/love cats. Men can come and go (no pun intended LOL) but there will always be cats in my life.
59. I inherited a part Maine Coon cat when my son came back to town and couldn’t keep a cat in his new apartment. He got married a few years later and his wife is allergic to cats so I have had her about 7 years. We have become the best of friends. She follows me around the house and wants to be near me most of the time. She does not like to be held which is fine with me. She puts up with the grandchildren but doesn’t want them to get too close. Overall she is a great cat.
60. My boyfriend didnt like cats until we met our kitty. He walked right over to my boyfirend and fell asleep in his arms. That sealed the deal, and they are best friends.
61. DITTO.
62. many men think cat lovers are gayish.
63. Men who like cats are better than those who don’t. They are more sensitive and caring and that is what women love!
64. Men who like cats tend to be nicer in general. Less arrogant and definitely CLEANER.
65. Real men can love cats because a real man will be sensitive, caring and loving toward all animals.
66. I admire any man who loves cats, it says a lot about them.
67. Real men love cats! Ironically, many men don’t realize this, themselves, because they didn’t grow up with a cat. In the end, many men become cat converts because they admire and respect the independent nature of the cat!
68. I think tolerant men are more likely to love cats than those intolerant or controlling men.
69. I don’t understand a man that does not like cats. If he is in that category, I am not interested.
71. It takes a real man who is confident in himself to love the independent feline.
72. I’m female, and based on personal experience, I think it’s frequently true that men who own or like cats are more compassionate… but that’s certainly not always true. I knew one man who had two cats. He DID love them and would do things like hire a pet sitter to check on them TWICE a day — or even stay overnight — when he traveled. But he was TOTALLY oblivious to the fact that the bigger cat was bullying the smaller cat, and the smaller cat was slinking around or hiding in constant fear and stress. When I brought this to his attention, he eventually admitted to “seeing” what I was talking about, but was too wrapped up in work, sports. etc. to take the time to remedy the situation. Frankly, despite his love for his cats. I though he shouldn’t be a pet owner. So, if a man loves cats, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s tuned in, observant or compassionate. I don’t think you can apply rules straight across the board about people, but I do have a history of getting along best with men who own cats.

73. i think men who do not feel threathen by cats are very sastified with their selfs and don’t need a pet to make them feel good about themselfs as a cat will come to you for pettings only when it wants not just when you do
74. i refer to my cats as my KIDS. love them dearly.
75. I’m not sure what the question means – But I usually find men that like cats are cool. In general I think that People who don’t like cats (or owls) are afraid of what is in their soul, because they look like they can look right through you and see what you are made of. I have a few male friends who now own cats, and my husband noted that after to ease of owning a cat he would own one over a dog any day. With the addition of exotic cat breeds (we own bengals – as do some of my male friends) Cats can look more “cool” and less “fluffy” which has helped add to their appeal to men.
76. I agree with your email.
77. To love cats, you have to be able to slow down and appreciate their subtle personalities. With some, you have to take the time to snuggle. With others, you need to realize that they’re not your toys or your fan club — they are their own animals and may need space or understanding. If a man can appreciate a cat, it shows true patience, power of observation, and empathy. That’s what I call a “real” man.
78. I think some men think it’s not masculine to have a cat (unless they can refer to it as their wife’s cat). I also think some men are intimidated by how independent cats can be.
79. I would never trust a man who dislikes cats.
80. I am one
81. I think men who love cats are also more likely to want a woman to be a real partner in a relationship, not someone who will follow his orders. I think they are more likely to appreciate independance.
82. yes I agree with the tecnision. I have dated a few men and if they dont like the cats or the cats dont take to them it is s no goer. I am dating a man now who is really considerate and kind and he likes my cats they even come on the bed when he stays over which is wonderfull as they always sleep with me. I once dated a guy who didnt like the cats by his own admission and they would not come anywhere near me when he was around. He turned out to be a bully and selfish man
83. I am a man and I have 2 – DSH Tuxedo and Himalayan. Dogs are for outdoor stuff, cats rule the house.
84. I love a guy who loves cats. He’s compassonate, caring and not afraid to show affection for a small creature.
85. What are REAL men ?? REAL men versus what ??
86. I think it is so cool when a guy says he likes cats. He shows a deeper understanding of what it means to be in touch with your emotions and I find they tend to have more patience.
87. My husband and his father both love cats. My husband would never own a dog. He knows that cats are clean, smart, loveable, and independant. We have 4 cats.
88. i think men who like cats are more understanding and kind
89. men who don’t love cats don’t deserve a woman who loves men!!!!! hahahahaaaaaaaa
90. I agree that men that love cats are more compassionate..
91. a man that loves cats is usually thoughtful
92. cats rule
93. (First of all, I’m not sure what No.1 Question is asking???) A lot of men have been “taught” NOT to like cats from a very early age. I think most men like cats much more than they are willing to admit. A REAL man will openly show their affection for cats, and not care what some other men might think!
94. When I finally got grown up, at about 59, I realized I could only be really happy with a man who loved cats, and was I ever right.
95. i am a cat person all the way, i even have tattoos of cats so the guy of my dreams better love cats or he’s not getting my heart.
96. My ex husband hated cats and my second husband loves cats & is the greatest man alive I think men who like cats are more caring and understanding.
97. Cats are smart, they’re hunters, they’re affectionate, and they are loyal (believe it or not). They know a great deal about you, they even know when you are going to die……. They also give you unconditional love……..and sometimes we need that.
98. Many change their idea about them when they have them…….
99. When I married my husband I had three cats. He wasn’t really thrilled about it, but he had a mouse problem in his house that the cats took care of. Since then I have said good bye to two of my babies but now have six cats, most recently adopting a brother and sister after rescuing their momma, sister and them from sure death. He won’t admit it, but he loves the kitties and refers to himself as “Daddy” when he talks to them. He’s definitely a cat man.
100. Men who are good to cats are also good with People.
102. Men that like cats are definitely more compassionate are caring.
103. If a man can win a cat’s respect, the man will win my respect. Man dominates over dog, cats dominates over man.
104. I also would never be involved with any man who did not like cats. They are our companions who give us tender affection are independent and you don’t need to walk them in the middle of a snow storm at 5:30am. They are pure delights in my eyes. I love my cats and pamper them appropriately
105. Show tenderness
106. I am drawn towards men who like cats. The ones who prefer dogs, are evil to cats, mean to them.
107. Why not, I know a lot of men who absolutely adore their cats..
108. Real men don’t own cats… they’re owned *by* cats, just like the six that currently own me.
109. Men who are in touch with their humanity are able to show ANYONE love and affection!
110. I will NOT date or marry any man who will NOT willingly and lovingly embrace my feline children. I WILL choose my cats over a man. If a man LOVES my cats and they approve, well look out cause I’m gonna be his best fantasy wife! 🙂